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The Queen admits to needing tech help from her grandchildren

She may be the Queen of England, but even Britain’s longest-reigning monarch occasionally tries to zoom in on Instagram.

By Katie Skelly
Her majesty the Queen is known for being quite the modern day monarch, but on Thursday Queen Elizabeth II admitted to needing technology help from her nearest and dearest.
Speaking to Barbara Wilkins, a guest at a garden party in Buckingham Palace who happens to run eight pre-schools, the 90-year-old confessed to her technology troubles, and said that she relies on her grandchildren’s help in using her computer, but hates it when they spend too much time in front of the screen.
The monarch admits that she asks her family for tech help.
"The Queen was talking to me about young children and asked me if they had changed a lot," said Barbara, 82.
"I said they are all digital these days and I said that instead of sitting at the dining room table having conversations like I did with my children they are all sitting on the settee with their teas on their knees watching television."
And the Queen agreed. Sharing the sentiment, “She said her grandchildren did things for her digitally but she didn't like them to be on their phones and computers all the time. She says they need social skills. She was like any other grandmother really.”
"She didn't say exactly what her grandchildren did for her but she said she gets them to help her out and to do things for her.”
Can’t you just picture it now? Duchess Catherine teaching her grandmother in-law to send an email, or even little George showing his “Gan Gan” how to play Angry Birds!
Wills and Harry are happy to help their grandmother with her phone woes!
Prince Andrew, The Duke of York, gave his mother her first phone in 2001, but as mobile technology has developed dramatically since then, it is understood that both Prince Harry and Prince William have been summoned at one point or another by her majesty to teach her how to send and receive text messages.
We’ll leave you with that sweet image!
At a typical royal garden party, around 27,000 cups of tea, 20,000 sandwiches and 20,000 slices of cake are consumed.

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