The Queen sheds tears for fallen soldiers

Rarely has she ever cried in the public eye, but on Tuesday, her Majesty was overcome with emotion as she unveiled a memorial for Britain’s lost soldiers.
Queen Elizabeth II

It was a rare and touching sight.

Britain’s longest serving monarch, who so rarely lets her emotions show during public appearances, let her guard down for one swift moment at a royal engagement in Staffordshire, England this week.

The 90-year-old had just returned to her seat after unveiling a bronze lion statue in memory of the 32 members of the regiment who have died since its formation in 2006.

Over 250 guests watched as the monarch allowed tears to roll down her cheek, including the families of the fallen as well as several soldiers that had been severely injured in Afghanistan.

The usually-stoic Queen was overcome with emotion.

Swiftly, she wiped away her tears with a gloved hand.

According to onlookers present, the royal took a few moments to “regain her composure” following the emotional outburst.

She wiped her cheeks with a gloved hand and went on to lay a wreath beside the monument.

It read, “In memory of the glorious dead. Elizabeth R.”

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Following the service, Queen Elizabeth II seemed to be in good spirits as she chatted to guests, including war veterans and their families.

Speaking to stonemason Nick Johnson and sculptor Georgie Welch – the creatives responsible for the stunning sculpture – the Queen complimented them on their work and dedication.

“The Queen said it was very lifelike and that it had a real look of power. She also said it looked fearless. I was so nervous I couldn’t stop my knees shaking, but the Queen was absolutely charming,” said Georgie after their encounter.

“I don’t think you can get any higher honour than to meet the Queen,” quipped Nick in response.

The Queen laid a wreath for the fallen soldiers.

The usually-stoic monarch has only ever wept on a handful of occasions throughout her 64-year reign.

A tear famously rolled down her cheek in 1997 at the decommission ceremony for the Royal Yacht Britannia.

The Queen had shared over 40 years of memories on the vessel with Prince Philip before it was deemed too expensive to maintain at a cost of $21 million a year.

A second tear left her eyes in 2002 at a Remembrance Day service, just months after her mother’s death.

Air travel deemed her beloved Royal Yacht Britannia redundant.

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