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The royals gather together for a quiet service in honour of their beloved father and grandfather

Sophie of Wessex, Prince Edward and their daughter also shared a beautiful statement for the much loved royal.

By Jess Pullar
In the wake of Prince Philip's death on Friday, April 9, the royals have quickly come together to share a quiet moment for their beloved family member.
The royals shared the sombre occasion dressed in black - but instead of hiding their grief, they've shared their thoughts with the world.
Gathering at The Royal Chapel of All Saints in Windsor on Sunday morning, the Wessex family shared an update about the awful news they received on April 9.
"It's been a bit of a shock. However much one tries to prepare oneself for this it's still a dreadful shock and we're still trying to come to terms with that," Edward told the cameras.
He continued: "It's very, very sad. But I have to say that the extraordinary tributes and the memories that everybody has been able to share have been so fantastic. It just goes to show, he might have been our father, grandfather, father-in-law but he meant so much to so many other people."
The Wessexes spoke to media outside The Royal Chapel of All Saints in Windsor on Sunday morning. (Getty)
Sophie meanwhile explained her awe at hearing numerous inspiring stories about her late father-in-law over the past few days.
"He always exchanged words with everybody because it didn't matter what anybody was doing in and around the estate here and everywhere else, they all meant a lot to him and he always took a very personal interest in everything that they were doing. So they've all got stories to tell and most of them quite funny as well," she said.
Sophie talked about how the Queen was doing following Philip's death. (Getty)
The pair were also asked how the Queen was doing following the tragic loss of her husband of 73 years, to which she replied: "Thinking of others before herself."
Edward added: "As always."
The Queen and Philip were married for 73 years. (Getty)
The Palace confirmed the news Philip had died aged 99 on Friday evening (Australian time), explaining that he had passed away peacefully at Windsor, which is where he and the Queen have resided since the beginning of lockdown.
His funeral will take place in the same grounds at St George's Chapel on Saturday, April 17.
He will be laid in a vault within the grounds afterwards, however it is understood his casket will be moved and laid to rest with the Queen's when she passes.

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