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Queen Elizabeth is reportedly annoyed at a scene in The Crown involving Prince Philip

The episode was a little more dramatic than the real story.

By Jess Pullar
We've all loved getting an insight into the lives of the royals via Netflix's hit TV series The Crown, but there's one person who isn't the happiest with the show's depiction of events - Queen Elizabeth herself!
According to the British newspaper, The Express, a senior courtier has revealed the Queen was upset by a certain scene involving Prince Philip and Prince Charles.
The Queen didn't like The Crown's portrayal of Prince Philip in a certain season two scene.
Up until now, it was widely understood that the Queen and other members of the royal family, including Princess Eugenie, actually enjoy watching the television show.
But in a second season episode where Charles is depicted as the victim of bullying during his school days at Gordonstoun, Queen Elizabeth is said to be "particularly annoyed" at a scene where Philip displays no sympathy for his troubled son.
"Philip has no sympathy for a plainly upset Charles while he is flying him home from Scotland. That simply did not happen," the source said.
"I can convey that [Queen Elizabeth] was upset by the way Prince Philip is depicted as being a father insensitive to his son's wellbeing."
Claire Foy and Matt Smith portrayed Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip in the first two seasons of The Crown
In the episode, Charles is shown struggling with life at school with classmates who slap him on the head.
It is reported that Prince Philip insisted on sending Charles to the school, which is the same school the Duke of Edinburgh himself attended, instead of the Queen's first choice of Eton.
The source told The Express that the Queen understands people may take The Crown as an accurate portrayal of events that occurred and she "cannot change that".
Prince Charles has previously spoken about his time at the school, saying, "It was only tough in the sense that it demanded more of you as an individual than most other schools, mentally or physically. It taught me a great deal."
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The publication reported the Queen had initially resisted watching The Crown, but was convinced by the Earl and Countess of Wessex who arranged Saturday evening viewing sessions.
Last year, Princess Eugenie revealed that she loved watching the show.
"It has been filmed beautifully. The music is wonderful," she explained at a China Exchange event in London.
"The story is beautiful and you feel very proud to watch it."
Princess Eugenie is a big fan of The Crown.
Season three of the hit show is set to air on Netflix in 2019 with a brand new cast to depict the main characters in their maturer years.
Olivia Colman is replacing Claire Foy in the lead role as Queen Elizabeth II, and Tobias Menzies is replacing Matt Smith as her husband Prince Philip.
Foy spoke to Jimmy Fallon about the replacements and joked, "You'll forget all about me and the rest of the cast. You'll be like, 'Who are they?' We're the warm-up act."
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