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REVEALED: This Royal family member is a big fan of The Crown

The hugely popular Netflix series has the royal seal of approval!

By Bella Brennan
It's the show we're all obsessed with and it turns out the feeling is mutual - even in the House of Windsor.
And last week, The Queen's granddaughter Princess Eugenie confessed she loves The Crown.
“It has been filmed beautifully. The music is wonderful,” she explained at the China Exchange event in London.
“The story is beautiful and you feel very proud to watch it," she mused.
It's little wonder she feel a sense of pride, the show explores the life and times of her grandmother's inspiring reign.
"Everyone knows the relationship you have with a grandparent is truly special. You want to hold on to that as long as possible," Eugenie added of her special bond with her granny.
No word yet if the 27-year-old will be tuning in for season two, which will explore Prince Philip's alleged wandering eye.
In March, the show’s creator Peter Morgan confirmed the new season will shine a light on The Duke of Edinburgh, rather than Queen Elizabeth II.
Princess Eugenie says The Crown is "beautiful."
"I find him extraordinarily interesting — his childhood, again, you couldn't make it up. The soul of season two is about his complexity," Peter explained during a Royal Television Society event.
Peter went on to say that the new season "continues exactly where we left off, so the years that it travels are 1956 and 1964".
Before adding: “Doesn't everyone in Britain know he [Philip] had an affair?”
It has been alleged that Prince Philip’s conducted extra-marital activity during his 1956 world tour, when the Prince was touring on the royal yacht Britannia.
The cast of the Netflix series take to the red carpet with a corgi in tow.
At the time, outlets claimed he'd taken a mystery women along with him.
Buckingham Palace has never officially commented on these wild claims, but Prince Philip has aptly conveyed,“How could I? I’ve had a detective in my company, night and day, since 1947.”
While we don't know if The Queen herself has ever tuned in for a sneaky ep of The Crown, according to a Daily Mail report the 91-year-old loves shows like Antiques Roadshow, Dad's Army, Keeping Up Appearances and Downton Abbey.
She also apparently tries to watch the many documentaries made about her and her famous family with Prince Philip but often "walks out in a huff."
The only thing you won't catch Her Majesty watching is her very own reality TV show. Yep, back in the day Lizzie, Philip and the kids were the stars of their very own spin-off.
WATCH: Princess Eugenie shares an important message. Post continues after the video...
It was the swinging Sixties and in a bid to show the public just how normal and down-with-the-times they were, the Windsors commissioned a 105-minute documentary, aptly called Royal Family.
However by 1970, The Queen was concerned the film was bad press for her family and portrayed them as too mundane. As a result, she pulled it from the airwaves and it hasn’t been seen in its entirety ever since.
At least we still have The Crown!
Off with its head! By 1970, The Queen pulled their show from the airwaves and it hasn’t been seen in its entirety ever since.

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