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Prince William is "worried" for Prince Harry in the wake of harrowing documentary

The emotional TV documentary has got a lot of people talking.

By Jess Pullar
There's no doubt Prince William and Prince Harry's relationship goes far beyond simply being acquaintances, and the elder of the two has just proved as much after new reports state his concern for his young sibling's welfare.
In a surprising new report from BBC, sources state William is "worried" for his young brother Harry and sister-in-law Meghan in the wake of a revealing documentary that aired this week on ITV.
In the documentary Meghan and Harry: An African Journey, the royals lay themselves bare in their most honest and raw interviews to date, sharing their struggles in the spotlight and their vulnerability as they deal with constant scrutiny and pressure from media.
A palace source told BBC that Harry and Meghan are in a "fragile place", which has exacerbated Prince William's concern.
And it's not hard to picture why this might be after watching the documentary.
In rather raw and confronting clips, Harry is seen speaking openly about his distress over the way his and Meghan's lives and relationship has been handled by the press.
Speaking about his mental health, the red-headed Prince shared: "It's management. It's constant management."
The royal elaborated, saying he thought his struggles with mental health in the past had been dealt with, but the media storm erupting around himself and Meghan has been somewhat triggering.
"I thought I was out of the woods and then suddenly it all came back and I suddenly realised, 'Actually this is something that I have to manage.' "
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle opened up like never before in the new ITV documentary. (Getty)
Meanwhile, Meghan also opened up about her own struggles in a confronting interview included in the ITV doco. Speaking to host Tom Bradby, Meghan explained: "Any woman especially when they're pregnant, you're really vulnerable, and so that was made really challenging, and then when you have a newborn ... And especially as a woman, it's really, it's a lot."
And in a moment that swept the world quicker than wildfire, Bradby asked a simple question that spoke volumes about her state of mind: "Are you okay?"
Meghan told him that she wasn't.
The Duchess spoke candidly about her state of mind in the new doco. (Getty)
As the pair's royal tour of Africa wrapped up, the pair again made headlines when they launched legal action against several different British newspapers.
Meghan herself is taking legal action against Mail on Sunday for sharing a private letter that was written by Meghan to her father, Thomas Markle.
Meanwhile, Prince Harry is also taking legal action against Mirror Group Newspapers, who publish the Daily Mirror and News Group Newspapers, who publish The Sun, as well as News of the World.
Harry's legal action is specifically based around phone hacking allegations, the Guardian reports.
In the documentary, Harry opened up about the media scrutiny, which is expected to an extent as a royal family member.
"Look, part of this job and part of any job, like everybody, means putting on a brave face and turning a cheek to a lot of the stuff. But again, for me and for my wife, of course, there's a lot of stuff that hurts — especially when the majority of it is untrue," Harry said.
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Prince William's worry for his younger brother might well have been further exacerbated after Harry also confirmed there had been some unease between the two siblings.
Speaking in the documentary, Harry said: "We don't see each other as much as we used to because we're so busy.
"But I love him dearly and the majority of the stuff is created out of nothing. But as brothers, you have good days, you have bad days."