Royals doing normal things: A retrospective at how Wills & Kate's family is, funnily enough, just like the rest of us

Not trying to alarm you, but it turns out the royals do plenty of ordinary things too...

By Jess Pullar
Kate Middleton and Prince William's love story seems like something out of a fairy tale - boy meets girl, boy happens to be a Prince, girl becomes a Princess, she casually wears Alexander McQueen on her wedding day, and the rest, as they say, is history.
Yep, these two are undeniably one of the world's most coveted power couples - what with their very regal approach to anything that comes their way, and emitting the grace and elegance many of us non-blue-blooded folk only dream of.
But while they so effortlessly emanate such togetherness, they are human after all, and funnily enough, they've brought us many a relatable moment between all the pomp and poise.
After welcoming their three adorable children, Prince George, eight, Princess Charlotte, seven, and Prince Louis, four, the five-strong Cambridge family have commanded our attention at various royal events for all the right reasons.
Whether it's for a good old belly laugh at George's mischievousness, a collective sigh of understanding when Charlotte's shyness gets the better of her, or simply revelling in how quickly Louis has grown... like he's one of our own.
Yes, when all is said and done, this regal family is just like the rest of us, and there are plenty of pictures to prove it.
Keep scrolling for a refreshingly relatable royal retrospective - Cambridge edition.