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Prince Harry has officially touched back down in the UK for the first time in a year as he prepares to farewell Prince Philip

The Duke of Sussex has flown in from California without his heavily pregnant wife, Duchess Meghan.

By Jess Pullar
After a 12 month hiatus, Prince Harry has officially returned home to the UK.
The Duke of Sussex lost his beloved grandfather, Prince Philip on Friday. He has rushed to fly back to Britain where he will attend the funeral alongside his family on April 17.
Per PEOPLE, the Duke reportedly touched down in the UK overnight Australian time - two days after the death of Prince Philip was announced.
This marks the first time Harry has seen his family in person since leaving the UK in March last year where he and his wife Meghan Markle set out to build their new lives outside of the royal family.
Harry and Philip were undeniably close. (Getty)
Duchess Meghan is currently in the "late stages of pregnancy" (according to respected royal reporter, Omid Scobie) and has been advised by medical professionals not to fly.
The Duchess has therefore remained at the pair's Santa Barbara home in California with their one-year-old son. Archie.
Meghan is expected to welcome her second child, a baby girl in the coming months.
The family bereavement comes as Duchess Meghan is expected to welcome her second child. (Getty)
Harry was formally stripped of his royal titles earlier this year, which means he will be dressed a little differently to his elder brother Prince William and father Prince Charles at the funeral.
The Duke of Sussex will instead wear a plain suit, as opposed to a military uniform which will be worn by the two future Kings.
Harry and William will be dressed different for the funeral. (Getty)
The funeral will take place this coming Saturday, April 17 (overnight on Saturday evening in Australia), and will include a small procession through Windsor castle, which will be broadcast live.
Philip will then be laid to rest within the grounds of Windsor castle.
The unique funeral plans vary greatly from traditional state funerals held for royals. Though every part of Philip's funeral has been arranged in line with his own wishes, which he made clear before he died.
It is expected we will see The Queen and the royals gathered together at this time.
And while Harry will be required to quarantine for several days before getting tested for COVID-19, if his results are negative, he will be able to join his family as soon as possible as they mourn together.

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