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Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan have chosen one of their most iconic photos from Australia to share with fans

The Duke and Duchess caught up on their Christmas correspondence.

By Jess Pullar
Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have given fans plenty to talk about over the years - a breathtaking royal wedding, a beautiful baby son, and who could forget their brave decision to step back from their royal roles to focus on their family and own endeavours?
Still, the pair continue to find ways to surprise us - their latest update proves as much.
On Wednesday, popular royal blogger Gert's Royal Replies shared a glimpse of Harry and Meghan's latest royal correspondence.
While they've formally stepped back from their roles as senior royals, the pair still have close ties to the palace, with some of their correspondence still remaining within the British Firm.
The blogger, who sent Harry and Meghan Christmas wishes via the palace last year, received her reply direct from the royals, which consisted of a beautiful snap of the Sussexes during their visit to Australia in 2018.

Captured during the visit, the pair stood underneath an umbrella in the rain while they visited the city of Dubbo in NSW.
In the card, the message reads: "Thank you for your thoughtful message. We appreciate your kind words and the time you have taken to write to us on this special occasion. Sending you our warmest wishes."
The gorgeous image was snapped during the pair's trip to Dubbo in 2018. (Getty)
The royal blogger outlined a few points of note about the letter.
She noted that the message was, in some ways, more personal than previous royal responses she has recieved.
"It is worded as if it is from the Sussexes, not written on their behalf," the blogger wrote.
Gert also pointed out that the mail was still being handled by Clarence House - the subsidiary Harry and Meghan moved to after separating from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's Kensington Palace.
The Dubbo visit was certainly one to remember. (Getty)
Of course, the image itself, presumably approved by Harry and Meghan is iconic.
The moment was part of harry and Meghan's very first overseas royal tour together, and occurred shortly after they announced Meghan was pregnant with their first child.
While they were in Dubbo, rain started to pour as they stepped up to a podium to make a speech.
The city's mayor offered his umbrella to the couple, but Meghan was all over it.
"I got it," she told him as she held her umbrella over her husband.
Clearly a moment never forgotten for the royals, the encounter is now immortalised for fans the world over.

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