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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's romantic honeymoon destination revealed

It's time to bless the rains down in Africa!

By Chloe Lal
We have a destination.
After Prince Harry and Meghan Markle say "I do" at their royal wedding on May 19, the newlyweds will jet off to Southwest Africa to the burnt sunsets of Namibia in southwest Africa, as confirmed by Travel + Leisure.
And we think it's only fitting that someone who's in line to the throne heads to the home of The Lion King (also Prince George's favourite movie) for one of the biggest moments of their life.
Of course it's Africa.
Of course, royal enthusiasts would note that Africa holds dear significance to the couple, who've made several trips to the continent.
Harry once confessed, "I feel more like myself than anywhere in the world."
It was widely reported that Meghan joined Harry on a private trip to Botswana in 2016.
They later returned, a year later, for the former Suits star's 36th birthday.

Why would Meghan and Harry pick Namibia for their honeymoon?

Back in 2015, after calling time on his decade long service in the armed forces, Prince Harry took three-months for his "dream job" exploring southern Africa, which included a five-day expedition in Namibia with the Save the Rhino Trust.
Namibia is a very popular location, known for their stunning safari and wildlife - especially their cheetahs.
It is also deemed one of the least populated countries, so the royals would definitely have their privacy.
And with his royal responsibilities always in the back of his mind, Namibia is part of the Commonwealth - an excellent travel destination for the newly appointed Youth Ambassador of the Commonwealth.
Welcome to Hoanib Valley Camp.

Where will Harry and Meghan stay on their honeymoon?

The red hot tip for the couple is luxury camp, Hoanib Valley Camp.
Move over Taronga Zoo, the camp, which is located in Kaokoland - one of Namibia's most remote and wild locations - starts from whopping $850/night.
There are only six tents...
There are only six guest tents, which the website shares "blend perfectly into the rugged environment".
The luxe tent is glamping in its highest form - boasting amenities like ensuite bathrooms with indoor and outdoor showers, WiFi, meals and local drinks.
And it is stunning!
The couple - who adore wildlife - would be pleased to note that it's also close to a Giraffe Conservation Foundation.
Given Meghan's Hollywood connection, they may also want to drop by the Shiloh Wildlife Sanctuary.
Opened by Angelina Jolie and her daughter Shiloh, who she gave birth to in Namibia, the sanctuary cares for elephants and rhinos that have fallen victim to poaching or abuse.

Could Harry and Meghan go anywhere else on their honeymoon?

All signs do point to the African nation BUT it may all be a decoy for something right around the corner.
According to Femail, the pair could be coming Down Under!
The site noted that the royals love Australia and it definitely has its fair share of wildlife.
Our money's on Meghan and Harry saving their visit to Oz until the Invictus Games Sydney - later in the year.