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Fans point out subtle, yet special personal touches in Prince Charles' home office - including a prized photo and children's drawings

Sweet, yet discreet.

By Jess Pullar
One doesn't need to look far to know that Prince Charles is one very proud grandfather and father.
What with those sweet snaps of him and his wider family taken for his 70th birthday in 2018, or the way he talks about his sons whenever the rare opportunity arises.
But perhaps the most telling sign that Charles prizes his family beyond anything else is his home office, which has just been revealed in a way we've never seen before.
And suffice to say, the personal touches have melted our hearts.
Like the rest of the world, Prince Charles has quickly adapted to working from home as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.
His latest work venutre is one of his most unique to date. The future King has conducted a rare interview on a classical music radio station based in the UK, Classic FM.
In the interview, the Prince speaks about music, and the effect it's had on him throughout his life.
And while the interview itself includes a number of sweet personal anecdotes (more on that later!), it was actually the promo for the interview that really captured our attention.
Sharing a snap on Twitter, the Prince's upcoming interview, which he did from his home office, was announced.
In the image, it's possible to make out more of the Prince's desk and mantle, which is covered in various portraits and trinkets.
It appears that like many of us, Charles has decked out his personal space with things that he loves - including a picture of Duchess Camilla front and centre, as well as his grandmother, the Queen Mother.
On a far shelf, more images are seen - one of Prince George, the 71-year-old's future successor, as well as various drawings that look to be by his grandchildren - at least, we assume by Prince George or Princess Charlotte - cute!
Some beautiful rainbow drawings, presumably by Prince George or Princess Charlotte are seen on the future King's mantle alongside a sweet image of George as a toddler. (Twitter)
The rainbow drawings are most likely recent too, as the royals have been subtly aligning with rainbows in a bid to support the NHS amid the pandemic.
Prince Louis' second birthday involved a series of sweet images (captured by his mum Duchess Catherine) where the young royal is seen getting into some bright paint to create a rainbow.
Children around the UK have been leaving rainbow paintings in their windows as a message of hope and thanks to those who are working on the frontline, and Louis followed suit.
Prince Louis has made his own rainbow creation - but is it the very same one sitting in Prince Charles' office? (The Duchess of Cambridge)
What's more, it appears even Duchess Catherine has been subtly channeling rainbows with her colourful array of outfits seen in video calls over the last two months.
It seems Duchess Catherine has worn every single bright colour of the rainbow, as pointed out by a fan who put a series of stills together to prove the point.
We can't argue with that - and certainly can't be surprised to then see the rainbow drawings taking pride of place in Prince Charles' office!
The royals love rainbows! (Instagram @cambridgemums)
In Prince Charles' interview, he shared some candid and rare anecdotes about his life as he discussed his connection to music.
Speaking of his grandmother, the Queen Mother, Charles explained how she used to play music.
"The first time I became aware of [music] was being taken by my grandmother to Covent Garden - aged seven I think... to see the Bolshoi Ballet perform."
"It was their first visit to the United Kingdom, and I shall never forget that incredible occasion. I was completely inspired by it."
He added: "Which is why it's so important, I think, for grandparents and other relations, to take children at the age of about seven to experience some of the arts in performance."
Clarence House shared some beautiful images of Charles' experience of music over the years as he spoke during the interview. (Twitter / Clarence House / PA)

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