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High flyer! The most expensive royal traveller has been revealed - and it's someone very unexpected

Talk about ruling the skies.

By Jess Pullar
When it comes to the royal family, you'd expect they would travel in style.
Granted the idea of bumping casually into Kate and Wills in economy class is laughable - and something we wouldn't expect to ever occur on our watch.
But what's also now come as a surprise is the actual cost that's involved with moving said regal family members - and there's one in particular who really seems to be getting the hook ups.
After the royal family's travel budget was released on Tuesday, the staggering travel costs associated with royals has finally been revealed.
While the overall budget for the royals to travel over 12 months amounted to a whopping 2.7 million pounds (that's a cool AUD $4.9 million, FYI), there was one particular royal's travel budget that took up almost half of that in itself.
Yep, we are referencing that of high-flyer Prince Charles, future King of England, and King of the skies, it seems.
Indeed the cost of Charles and Camilla's travel came in at 1.3 million pounds (AUD $2.3 million) for the year - with their travel by air rising by almost a third on the previous year.
High flyers! Charles and Camilla's travel costs over the past year trumped all other royal transport expenses. (Getty)
But interestingly, the review revealed that air travel wasn't the most used form of transport for Charle - it was, in fact, train trips.
Amounting to around 20,000 pounds per trip (around AUD $36,600), it seems the carriage charges really racked up for the royal.
What surprised people most was the staggering total in travel costs for Charles and Camilla's royal tours, which colourfully took place over the year.
Their trip to West Africa in November 2018 came to a total of 216,000 pounds (which is around AUD $396,000).
And in February, the pair's visit to the Caribbean and Cuba came to a whopping 417,000 pounds (around AUD $764,400).
Yep, we'll just be sitting over here with watering eyes for the foreseeable future.
WATCH: Duchess Camilla and Prince Charles get colourful on tour. Story continues after video...
That's not to say the royal pair are doing all that travel for nothing.
In a tweet from Clarence House following the report, it was confirmed the Prince and Duchess had attended no less than 638 officially engagements, visited 82 UK towns, and travelled to 14 different countries between April 2018 to March 2019.
They certainly kept themselves busy! Watch their year in review below.
The new royal report also revealed the sky-high costs associated with Meghan and Harry's revamp of their new digs, Frogmore Cottage.
Indeed the pair, who kick-started a six-month renovation job to the historic Windsor home late last year, spent a whopping $3 million of British taxpayers money.
And while the British public's expenses were capped at that amount, the pair reportedly chipped in their own cash to fund a few extra bells and whistles, including a re-landscaped garden and extra garden lighting - in case Archie decides to run amok in the evenings!
With the above in mind, there's no denying the royals certainly live somewhat extravagant lives - seems like being so openly in the public eye really does come at a cost.
Harry and Meghan reportedly decked out Frogmore even further with their own personal cash-stores. Images: Twitter (inset), Dominic Lipinski / PA / AAP

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