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Shock claims Prince Harry regrets his marriage to Meghan Markle after he was 'backed into a corner'

''He's panicking.''

By Woman's Day team
Things couldn't get any worse for Prince Harry, who sources say "is starting to see the big ugly picture" that is his marriage to Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.
In a new bombshell book, Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind The Crown, author Valentine Low paints the former Suits star as something of an egomaniac who forced Harry to go public with their romance before he was ever ready.
Their relationship is on thin ice. (Image: Getty)
According to the book, which is being serialised in The Times newspaper, "[Meghan] was saying, 'If you don't put out a statement confirming I'm your girlfriend, I'm going to break up with you.' Harry was in a panic. He was freaking out, saying, 'She's going to dump me.'"
It's a disturbing insight into the Sussexes' marriage, but sadly insiders say it's a normal occurrence between the two. Friends say this was the first of many times when Meghan, 41, would coerce Harry, 38, into doing something he didn't want but he's only now starting to recognise a pattern.
"He's already feeling shaky after being back in the family fold and seeing how much damage and hurt they've caused," says an insider, who notes Harry's anxiety is why he's desperately trying to "rework" his upcoming memoir – if his publishers allow it.
"The late Queen's funeral was a wake-up call for him and he's panicking that what he's written could be considered insensitive or far worse," explains the source, adding, "He's beginning to realise he's backed himself into a corner, and all these reminders about some of Meghan's behaviour are making him uncomfortable."
Harry is said to have put the fact Meghan pushed him to go public with their romance out of his mind, however in hindsight insiders reveal he now feels he should have bet on her not walking away and asserted his true feelings about the situation.
The Queen's funeral was a wake up call. (Image: Getty)
"Sadly, it was to be the first of many times that she would threaten him into compliance. Never forget, this is a woman who has fallen out with her entire family and has been instrumental in why Harry is alienated from his own," says the source, noting the couple's recent demotion on the official royal family website last week is a telling sign of their place in the new-look Firm.
"He's seriously wondering if he's made a big mistake but he feels trapped in a mess that's his own making… their honeymoon phase is well and truly over."

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