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Um. The Royal Family Twitter account just 'liked' a Tweet taking aim at anti-Meghan trolls


By Jess Pullar
Unless you're actively holding wool over your eyes, you'll likely have seen the media storm around Meghan Markle's confronting interview about the pressure she is under as a royal family member this week.
The Duchess has single-handedly (and indirectly) split the world into two firm camps when it comes to all things royal - supportive, defensive and loud and proud Meghan-lovers, or sceptical, questioning and for some, downright anti-Meghan.
And while many aren't afraid to speak out about exactly which side their personal opinions lie, there was one, rather grand institution we never expected to make their opinion apparent - the royal family themselves.
That's why a certain Tweet, which was liked, and then quickly un-liked by the official Royal Family Twitter account has gone viral.
It all started when Twitter user @TudorChick1501, who appears to be a staunch Meghan supporter, recently shared a message to her following calling out the Meghan trolls on the internet.
The user wrote: "These anti- #MeghanMarkle trolls are all the same: they pine for 'the good old days.' She was genius to title her Vogue issue 'Forces for Change.' We are witnessing a seismic shift in power and culture, and her haters are furious and terrified. Oh well. Get used to it."
The Tweet received a number of 'likes' from fellow Twitter users, but it was the Royal Family's addition to the list of likers that we, and many, many others couldn't quite get past.
Meghan Markle is at the centre of a rather unexpected 'liked' Tweet that no one saw coming. (Getty)
What's more, the apparent 'like' from the Royal Family account was quickly removed, potentially manually, meaning that the bold click might have been an accident.
Of course, that didn't happen before the 'like' was screen-shotted and shared by the masses.
So if you needed any proof, check out this very surprising 'liker' list below!
Ummm, this was unexpected. (Twitter)
We can probably assume that the 'liked' Tweet from the Royal Family's account might have been a mistake, namely because official royal social media accounts tend not to engage in matters like this, simply using the platforms to promote work and charity causes various members of the regal family are involved in.
Most recently, the official Royal Family account, which covers the movements of a number of key members of the royal family, has been posting a number of updates about Prince Charles' visit to Japan.
No media storms to discuss here...

Meghan and husband Prince Harry also have their own Instagram account, which is used to promote the work they do under their own foundation, Sussex Royal.
Again, while there's no sign of indulging in any controversial claims dominating the news cycle - pro or anti-Meghan included - the account has been known to make errors in its time.
In fact, in this past week the account came under scrutiny when they made a small grammatical error, writing the word 'woman' when the correct word should have been 'women'.
The horror!
The account was quick to clear up their mistake, re-sharing the quote which included the word 'women' and adding in the caption: "We are reposting because of a typo in the previous quote card. Apologies for the hiccup, and many thanks to those of you who flagged it for us!"
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