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Meghan Markle forced to flee Kensington Palace

There have been tears, tantrums and walkouts as tension among the young royals threatens to tear the monarchy apart.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been forced to leave Kensington Palace as a heartbreaking feud erupts between Prince Harry and his brother Prince William.
The monarchy has been plunged into chaos with claims the once-inseparable brothers fell out when William "refused to roll out the red carpet" for Harry's new bride.
The tensions have become so fraught that Harry and Meghan have confirmed they're fleeing Kensington Palace – where they share a household staff with Prince William and his wife Duchess Catherine, both 36 – and will instead opt for a downgrade to the rundown former employee quarters Frogmore Cottage, one hour away from London on the grounds of Windsor Castle.
With Harry, 34, and William's bond said to be "almost irretrievably broken", the Queen is concerned the royal family is falling apart at the seams – and Meghan, pregnant with the couple's first child, is at the centre of the showdown.
The trouble reportedly began last Christmas, when Harry accused his big brother of doing little to help Meghan, 37, fit in to the royal fold.
"Harry didn't think William was rolling out the red carpet for Meghan, and told him so," a source spills of the brother's rift.
"They had a bit of a fallout, which was only resolved when Prince Charles stepped in and asked William to make an effort."
They were dubbed the "Fab Four" during their first joint engagement on Christmas Day last year, but was it all for show? (Image: Getty)
But since then, the relationship between the two families has become frostier, and while one source insists the problem is "only between the brothers", another palace insider admits, "Meghan and Kate are very different people."
Last week, there were sensational claims that in the lead-up to her May wedding, Meghan reduced Kate – who had just given birth to Prince Louis – to tears during a bridesmaid dress fitting for her daughter, three-year-old Princess Charlotte.
WATCH: Princess Charlotte and Duchess Catherine step out at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding. Post continues after the video...
Kate gets emotional: Meghan's demands have driven the royal family to breaking point, insiders say. (Both images: Getty)

Demanding and rude

It's believed the brothers are now preparing to divide their household staff in anticipation of Harry and Meghan relocating to Frogmore Cottage.
"Until recently, they were moving into Kensington Palace next door to Kate and William, so the change of plan has come as a shock," says a palace insider.
"Staff would be lying if they said they didn't hope they end up with Kate and William because Harry and Meghan have developed a reputation of being demanding, temperamental – and, at times, rude."
Harry and Meghan's new home will be in Windsor, where they wed. (Image: Getty)
Indeed, Meghan's 39-year-old personal assistant Melissa Touabti, last week quit after just six months of service, which included playing a pivotal role in planning the May wedding.
Melissa quietly announced her resignation a day after claims surfaced that Meghan had demanded to wear a particular tiara for her wedding, which the Queen denied.
According to reports, it prompted a meltdown from the bride and groom-to-be, and an official warning from the monarch herself.
"Meghan had her heart set on a tiara with emeralds and Prince Harry went spare when they were told she couldn't wear it," says the source.
"It prompted the Queen to speak to Harry. She said, 'Meghan cannot have whatever she wants. She gets what tiara she's given by me.' The message from the Queen was very much that Meghan needed to think about how she speaks to staff members and be careful to follow family protocols."
Since Melissa's departure, there have been more tales of Meghan's apparent dramatics – including that she was to blame for three staffers leaving Kensington Palace in six months, and that she thinks nothing of texting aides at 5am.
The leaks have reportedly led Harry and Meghan to believe there's a traitor in the palace.
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Angry confrontation

When these details got back to the Queen and William, insiders say they had a discussion with Harry – who was said to have been angered and sided with Meghan rather than accept their advice.
"This has further incensed William who is used to being head of their joint household," says a source, adding it was apparently Wills who suggested Meghan and Harry consider moving to Frogmore Cottage rather than next door to the Cambridges at Kensington.
"It means they'll split their household staff and start afresh. They see the move as a refuge from all the drama," adds the source.
The Sussexes vs. the Cambridges: Meghan is a Princess under pressure. (Image: Getty)
But there's plenty of work to be done. Reports suggest a yoga studio, spa, nursery and a studio for Meghan's LA-based mother Doria Ragland are among the couple's demands as part of the multimillion-dollar renovations on the property, which will be turned into a five-bedroom stately home.
Woman's Day understands the parents-to-be have also asked for at least two members of London Metro Police's elite Royal Protection Squad to be on watch at all times.
"Whatever's going on between Harry and William, it's turning into a costly exercise," our source reveals.
"Everyone just hopes these are teething problems as people learn to accept Meghan into the royal family."

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