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What it's like to work for "Hurricane Meghan" Markle

The hardworking Duchess of Sussex has apparently been dubbed "Hurricane Meghan."

By Bella Brennan
We always knew Meghan Markle was a hard worker of the highest degree who can make just about anything happen once she puts her mind to it.
From working as a calligrapher to make an income while auditioning in LA and waiting for her big break on Suits, to creating her successful lifestyle blog The Tig from the ground up - she's a one-woman powerhouse whose ambition knows no bounds.
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And when it comes to her new royal role, the Duchess of Sussex's laser-focused work ethic has reportedly been a force to be reckoned with for some more traditional palace aides.
An explosive new report from the Mail on Sunday has shed light on exactly what it's like to work for Duchess Meghan, and we have to say we're in awe of her focus and determination.
The UK outlet reports that the pregnant 37-year-old, who is expecting her first child with Prince Harry next year, is an early riser and bounds out of bed at 5am every day.
Once she's up, she's firing on all cylinders and bubbling with ideas and she reportedly sends of a flurry of text messages to her team about "six or seven" a day to her team with her brainwaves, questions of requests.
Meghan reportedly texts her team "six or seven" times a day with ideas. (Image: Getty Images)
Meghan's apparent appetite to get started on her work before many palace aides have even had their first sip of English breakfast tea has reportedly ruffled a few feathers behind palace gates.
"Well-meaning as she is, her particular brand of 'up and at 'em' West Coast energy is an uncomfortable fit with the more formal ethos of some palace staff," the Mail on Sunday's Polly Dunbar explains.
This latest report could indeed shed more light on the recent mass exodus of staff members from Meghan and Harry's team.
Up and at 'em: The Duchess of Sussex is said to wake up at 5am everyday and jump head first into her work. (Image: Getty)
Last week it was revealed the couple had lost three important staff members from their team since they tied the knot back in May.
Most notably, Meghan's newest recruit, a personal assistant named Melissa, reportedly handed in her notice for her seemingly glamorous gig.
As Meghan paves her own path in her new high-profile gig, the former actress is determined to do things her own way and rip up the royal rule book on all fronts.
Her tenacity hasn't gone unnoticed with palace aides reportedly dubbing her "Hurricane Meghan."
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Most notably, the soon to be mother's choice in fashion has allegedly caused friction at the palace with insiders telling the Mail on Sunday her penchant to wear black, which royals traditionally only don when they are in mourning, shorter hemlines above the knee and a keen desire for wearing a slew of non-British designers has earned her a stern telling off.
"Meghan is being told she needs to start dressing less like a Hollywood star and more like a Royal," a well-placed insider from within the fashion team has told the Mail, while citing Meghan's controversial decision not to wear a hat during her first official appearance with The Queen back in August despite being told to.
It's also believed Meghan's rotating door of Hollywood friends such as Serena Williams, Idris Elba and George and Amal Clooney has irked some of the more old school traditionalists within The Firm, who prefer to mix with fellow aristocrats with old money connections.