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Is Meghan Markle in labour? These telling clues have sent fans into overdrive

The Duchess of Sussex is due to give birth any day now.

By Jess Pullar
Meghan Markle is due to give birth any day now, so it's no wonder alarm bells are ringing for even the smallest signs she might be in labour.
As for the latest clue? Well, we can't blame people for believing this one might be legit, because the evidence would certainly stack up.
On Monday morning UK time, an escort of police cars was spotted travelling through Chiswick, which is situated between Windsor and London - and fans have gone into overdrive since.
The escort took a route understood to be the most suitable for Meghan to travel to a nearby hospital, with a source telling OK! Online: "This morning we saw a load of cars being given a police escort through Chiswick."
"It could be a politician or something else but that's the route Meghan would take if she had to go to hospital from her home, so naturally we thought it was her."
What's more, NHS Frimley Park Hospital, which is located close to Meghan's home, is reportedly on standby.
According to the Express, Meghan does plan to stay at home for "as long as possible" once she goes into labour, with many believing she will opt for a homebirth.
However she will go to a hospital if necessary, which makes us think the standby update from Frimley Park can only mean one thing - the royal baby's birth is very imminent.
We're ready for you, Baby Sussex! (Image: Getty)
However all of these clues must be taken with a grain of salt - just last week fans were spinning when a picture of an ambulance driving around Windsor surfaced, prompting speculation she was in labour.
The scenario turned out to be a false alarm, with it being confirmed shortly after that it was simply a training vehicle.
And it was safely confirmed that Baby Sussex was still biding its time when Prince Harry stepped out to attend the London Marathon on Sunday.
Speaking to People magazine, a Palace spokesperson revealed Harry had always planned to attend the London Marathon, "but with the birth of his child due it was not announced in advance in case he was no longer able to attend. He was pleased he was able to attend."
Prince Harry was in attendance at the London Marathon on Sunday, confirming that Baby Sussex had not yet been born. (Image: Twitter)
Meanwhile, even Prince William seemed just as in the dark as us, telling fans while visiting Christchurch on Friday that he had "no idea" when the Royal Baby was coming.
Referencing our unwavering commitment to the cause, he added: "You guys will find out before I do at this rate!"
Watch the moment in the video below - while we wait another day for any news on Baby Sussex!

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