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Surprise! Prince Harry just stepped out unexpectedly, confirming a BIG clue about Baby Sussex to his fans

The Dad-to-be was looking more ready than ever as he prepares to tackle his greatest role yet.

By Jess Pullar
His new baby is due to arrive any day now, but Prince Harry is still putting on his usual displays of joy in public - and it's telling us a lot about Baby Sussex's arrival.
Indeed the flame-haired Prince couldn't have looked more excited as he stepped out in a surprise outing to attend the London Marathon on Sunday, April 28th.
The unexpected outing came as a treat for fans, who up until the last minute had no idea that Harry would be attending.
And while it hasn't stopped us from being on tender hooks awaiting Baby Sussex's arrival, the unexpected move does confirm one thing - Baby Sussex is still well and truly cooking.
Speaking to People magazine, a Palace spokesperson revealed Harry had always planned to attend the London Marathon, "but with the birth of his child due it was not announced in advance in case he was no longer able to attend. He was pleased he was able to attend."
And thank goodness he could, because we were treated to a plethora of snaps of the dad-to-be looking very dapper as he posed for photos with winners and participants with a giant smile on his face.
Prince Harry looked relaxed and happy as he posed for photos with Marathon participants. (Image: Instagram)
The Dad-to-be looked more than ready for his new role as a father! (Image: Instagram)
Taking to the @SussexRoyal Instagram account to share some of the best snaps from the day, the Palace statement read: "These runners not only set a goal for themselves personally and emotionally, but the majority of runners choose to raise money for charity."
"It's the perfect fusion of doing something good for yourself while doing good for others."
Prince Harry himself is personally involved with the London Marathon, being named a patron in 2012 because he "believes that mental fitness is absolutely crucial to our wellbeing."
And the ethos of the event is something that also aligns with Harry's personal demeanour: "The joyful atmosphere created by locals, tourists, families and friends speaks to the spirit of what community is all about - supporting one another, even complete strangers."
Prince Harry has long been involved with the London Marathon fundraising event - not even an impending new baby could stop him from attending this year! (Image: Twitter)
Excitement to see the Dad-to-be looking so joyous aside, there's one very obvious elephant in the room when considering his most recent outing: Baby Sussex still hasn't decided to make his or her presence known!
Fans are on high alert waiting on any snippets of news on the new tyke's arrival - so much so that they're even turning to royal family members themselves for answers!
While doing a public walkabout in Christchurch, New Zealand on Friday, April 26, Prince William was asked by a fan if there was any sign of the royal baby arriving.
William was caught on camera as he replied: "I haven't got my phone on me, I have no idea!"
Referencing our unwavering commitment to the cause, he added: "You guys will find out before I do at this rate!"
Watch the moment in the player below!
Royal Baby watchers were also given a false alarm (and collective heart attack symptoms in the process) on Friday evening when a picture of an ambulance near Windsor went viral.
Believing it to be a sign that Meghan was in labour, frenzied fans were quick to unpack the situation, later discovering that the ambulance was in fact a driver training vehicle.
That being said, it wasn't a far-fetched possibility that Meghan could be in labour - the Duchess herself has admitted that she's due end of April, early May - which basically means that we could be expecting to hear about Baby Sussex's arrival, well, right now.
Until then, we'll just be waiting (somewhat) patiently for the exciting news....

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