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The unseen hand gesture Kate Middleton made to Meghan that's put all those feud rumours to bed

The two women have been quietly bonding for months.

By Jess Pullar
You'd have been hard pressed to miss the hundreds of glaring headlines over the past year that have claimed Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are anything but friends.
From 'royal feuds' to 'sisters-in-law at war', we've been subject to a plethora of reports that have pitted the two royals against each other.
But in a refreshing 180, a new report has claimed quite the opposite is the case for the two Duchesses, and quite frankly we're welcoming the news with open arms.
An insightful new report from PEOPLE has revealed that Meghan and Kate have actually seen their relationship "strengthen" as opposed to drifting apart, refuting all of the mounting feud rumours.
An insider explained to the publication that the two royals were at strikingly different stages in life when they first met. Meghan was navigating her role as a brand new member of the royal family, while Kate was in the troughs of motherhood, having just welcomed a newborn baby along with raising two more children under five.
It would be tough for anyone to get close with another person with such a different outlook, but the world didn't seem to consider this, the source said.
"There was undue pressure where the whole world wanted them to be best friends," they explained.
Meghan and Kate were in different places in life a year ago. (Getty)
Let's cast our minds back to when the rumours of a feud began, just months after Meghan and Harry's wedding, and as Kate's maternity leave with Prince Louis was coming to an end and she was getting back into her formal duties as a royal.
We can imagine how both women would be rather busy.
Meghan had a lot to get her head around, not only stepping into a new role as a royal but also settling into life as a married woman.
As for Kate? Well, we think a lot of mums can relate to the hectic-ness that comes with raising three children under five while settling back into work. Not to mention the small feat of being under the pressure of becoming the future Queen Consort of England.
So can we really blame the two ladies for not becoming best friends immediately?
Recently, the relationship between Meghan and Kate has changed, it seems.
As Meghan's pregnancy was announced in October 2018, and with both William and Harry now having their own separate families to think about, it then seemed a natural next step to start restructuring their own roles as royals to work around their new family set-ups.
But for a lot of people, the news that the brothers would officially split their office was taken as a sign that there was a full-blown feud between the two families going on - and many thought Kate and Meghan were to blame.
According to PEOPLE's source, this couldn't have been further from the truth.
In fact, the separation has actually allowed the two women to become closer.
"There is a sense of [Meghan and Kate's] relationship strengthening," the source told the publication.
WATCH: Kate and Meghan share a laugh together at Buckingham Palace reception. Story continues after video...
And when you think about it, both Meghan and Kate are now at a rather similar life stage - being a mother.
That's why when the two royals attended Wimbledon this year, it seemed clearer than ever that their relationship has only blossomed.
In fact, according to the publication, Kate was seen putting a consoling hand on Meghan's back when her close friend Serena Williams lost the match.
If that's not friendship, then we're not sure what is.
Pictured at this year's Wimbledon Championships, the two royals were the image of friendship. (Getty)
In July alone, the two sisters-in-law have been pictured together three different times - including at the polo, where they took their children along for a play date together.
According to a source, the two women have a connection that's hard to comprehend for us non-royals.
"They have a common interest as partners to these two men who are so crucial to the monarchy, along with their children."
Makes sense to us. Looks like there really is nothing to see here where those feud rumours are concerned.
The two royal mums took their children to the polo together in July. (Getty)