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Meghan Markle's heartbreaking confession about life as a royal emerges

Her unexpected confession was captured on film.

By Jess Pullar
As soon as Meghan Markle's wedding to Prince Harry took place, it would be safe to say her life was changed forever.
Being a royal involves a lot of responsibility, with people all over the world watching your every move.
For Meghan, it seems the challenge hasn't come easy, and a new conversation she had with an unexpected person about her personal struggles has cemented this heartbreaking truth.
In a new video shared by a Twitter account named Royal Suitor, Meghan is seen meeting stars and guests attending the Lion King premiere in London.
As she was filmed greeting singer Pharrell Williams, who was involved in the movie's soundtrack, parts of the pair's conversation is audible.
In the video, Pharrell is heard telling Meghan and Harry: "So happy for your union. Love is amazing. It's wonderful. Don't ever take that for granted but what it means in today's climate."
The singer then continued: "I just wanted to tell you it's so significant for so many of us. Seriously. We cheer you guys on."
Pharrell's wonderful words of support clearly touched the Duchess, who responded: "Thank you, they don't make it easy."
Meghan made a poignant confession when she met Pharrell. (Getty)
The moment was a poignant one for Meghan, who doesn't often comment on what life is like as a royal and the consequences of being so heavily under the public eye.
In fact, the Duchess has been subject to a lot of public scrutiny ever since her engagement to Prince Harry, so it's not surprising that she has bravely commented on it.
Watch the conversation as it happened below:
On the same night, Meghan and Harry were also filmed chatting to global mega star Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z on the red carpet.
In fact, the royal parents were heard chatting about all things kids with the musical couple, who have three children of their own.
According to several media outlets, Prince Harry was seen mimicking baby Archie by stretching his neck.
Beyoncé responded to him: "He's holding his neck up?" To which Prince Harry replied by saying that his new son was "not so little anymore".
Meghan and Beyoncé's meeting on the red carpet was an unforgettable moment. (Getty)
In another sweet moment, Jay-Z was also heard delivering some parenting advice to Prince Harry, telling him: "The best advice I can give you, always find some time for yourself."
The musical pair also mentioned that their children would have loved to attend the premier, but they'd left them at home.
It looks like Harry and Meghan had some memorable conversations on the big night.
The new parents looked to have had an incredible night. (Getty)