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Duchess Meghan's incredible hidden message behind new Archie pictures emerges

No stoned left unturned for the Duchess of Sussex.

By Jess Pullar
When Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry stepped out to debut their brand new son Archie to the world, they had the world completely enchanted.
The family of three were a sight to behold as they stood facing photographers, with Meghan's gorgeous white dress showing off her post-partum figure and a silently sleeping Archie stealing the show as the world clapped eyes on the young royal for the first time.
Almost two months on, a new report has discussed a powerful underlying message from that moment, and it's made us see the grand debut in a whole new light.
In a brand new report for Vanity Fair, respected royal commentator Kate Nicholl has provided some incredible insight into the first photo call for baby Sussex.
Meghan's incredible white dress, which was designed by talented young British designer Grace Wales Bonner, sent a powerful message in itself (Grace is also of mixed-heritage and is known for her amazing gender fluid designs).
But it wasn't just the dress, which Nicholl reveals was hand picked by Meghan herself, that brought new meaning to the debut.
According to a source who spoke to the Vanity Fair reporter, Meghan wanted to send the message: "I'm a real woman" by deliberately styling herself, doing her own nails, hair and her own makeup.
The move was refreshingly raw and real - a brave approach from the royal.

The first official photo call with Meghan and Harry's royal baby was nothing less than extraordinary. (Dominic Lipinski / PA / AAP)
According to Nicholl's report, rewriting the royal script is something Meghan and Harry have taken in their stride since their first meeting three years ago.
Indeed going back to Meghan's pregnancy, which was heavily watched and scrutinised in comparison to previous royal births, Meghan and Harry were determined to do things in a way they were comfortable with.

Meghan's desire for a home birth

In Nicholl's report, she claims Meghan indeed wanted a home birth, which was widely rumoured to be her desire in the months leading up to it.
However, when Archie was a week overdue, the Duchess was instead taken to Portland Hospital for a C-section.
Furthermore, Nicholl reveals Meghan did not have a doula, despite widespread reports.
Indeed by her side during the birth was her mum Doria Ragland and Prince Harry.
The undeniable presence of Doria in Archie's life is a no-brainer, with it being understood she will fly in and out of London regularly to see her grandson and Meghan.
A poignant image of Archie's first meeting with the Queen included Doria as Meghan, Harry and Prince Philip looked on. (Chris Allerton/AP/SussexRoyal)

The truth about Trump's visit

In early June, President Trump travelled to England where he spent time with the royal family.
Noticeably absent from his schedule was meeting Meghan herself, despite an official engagement taking place with Prince Harry.
At the time, many wondered whether the move was planned by Meghan, especially after it emerged that Trump had called her "nasty" previously.
However, it appears that Meghan did not snub Trump - in fact, her excuse for missing the meeting was quite natural.
"Had Meghan not been on maternity leave, she would have been there alongside Harry. There was no snub, this wasn't personal," a source explained to Nicholl.
"She would never let personal feelings come in the way of duty."
Trumps visit earlier this year involved a number of royals, but Meghan was unable to join. (Getty)

Meghan's work ethic has "impressed" the Queen

In another revelation, the article reveals Meghan has a work ethic that has impressed even the Queen herself.
"The queen has been astonished and very impressed by Meghan's work drive," a source revealed.
And it seems that Meghan has big plans with Prince Harry when it comes to their future.
Indeed in this year alone the couple will travel to Africa with Archie, where they will strengthen UK ties with countries located in the continent.
Nicholl's source also revealed that the Sussexes are "in discussions" to travel abroad for short stints - potentially for months at a time.
A family friend of the Sussexes also reveals the pair wish to "travel and be international".
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Meghan is settling into British life seamlessly

In a lighter anecdote, a source revealed to Nicholl that Meghan has been picking up "Britishisms" seamlessley, going so far as to dramatically decrease the amount she uses the American term "pants", while using the rather British phrase "bits and bobs" a lot more - how very quaint!
Furthermore, Meghan and Harry are no doubt good for each other, with it being reported that Meghan blends Harry his own green juice every morning.
Harry has also quit smoking and rarely drinks alcohol, which, according to Nicholl has stemmed from Meghan's influence.
Meghan is also settling into life at their home of Frogmore Cottage well, with the Duchess using nearby Home Park as a stomping ground to take Archie for walks in his pram.
Meghan is said to enjoy taking Archie for walks in his pram around nearby Home Park. (Getty)

Archie's upbringing

In a final revelation, a source has revealed to Nicholl that Meghan and Harry have placed particular importance on having a "private family life".
And with that being said, it seems the pair are ready to make that happen in their Windsor alcove.
"I can see her hosting play dates, organising tea parties and very stylish dinner parties too. It will be a proper family home," the source said.
It is also believed Harry hopes to enrol Archie at a prestigious local polo club, while he will also swim at the indoor pool at Windsor Castle and learn to ride on the Queen's horses.
In addition, he is also likely to enjoy a weekly ritual of tea on a Sunday afternoon with his great-grandmother the Queen herself - which Harry himself also did as a boy!
This incredible insight certainly assures us that Archie is going to be well looked after with some exciting years ahead.
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