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How Meghan Markle and Prince Harry snubbed Donald Trump without us even realising

The Sussex and Cambridge clan weren't having a bar of it.

Donald Trump's visit to the UK has definitely been rife with colour.
What with meetings with the Queen, Prince Charles and Camilla and attending swanky soirees involving a number of regal guests, there's no denying the US president has received the royal treatment.
But there's one thing Trump has missed out on so far, and it's reportedly the one thing that he really wanted.
In a surprise new report from the Daily Beast, Trump was denied a photo opportunity with Princes Harry and William along with their wives Duchesses Meghan and Kate.
The publication reported that Trump wanted the photographs with the young royals because of their popularity in the US, which would boost his profile ahead of the next election.
Further detailing the apparent snub, Sky News also explained that the young royals were not fans of Trump, so it made sense for them not to partake in a photo opportunity.
"For the President, he would love to have a picture with those younger royals," royal correspondent Rhiannon Mills explained.
"We know that [the Cambridges and Sussexes have] been so close to the Obamas. We also know that Meghan isn't a fan of Donald Trump and has described him as a misogynist."
She added: "And what's interesting is for the American audiences, at the moment they cannot get enough of the Cambridges and the Sussexes."
The fab four aren't keen for a selfie with Donald Trump anytime soon, it seems. (Getty)
The latest reports come after Trump's comment calling Meghan "nasty" came to light.
The comment occurred when the US president spoke to British publication, The Sun, where he discovered Meghan had previously said she would "move to Canada" if Trump ever got the top job.
"I didn't know that. What can I say? I didn't know that she was nasty," Trump said.
Awkward - was this the point Trump really quashed his chances of getting a pic with said royals?
WATCH: Donald Trump says he wouldn't go into politics. Story continues after video...
Trump's current visit to the UK involved a tour of Buckingham Palace with Prince Harry, who appeared rather subdued throughout the duration.
Nevertheless, Harry still did the tour, but perhaps luckily, his wife Meghan missed it due to being on maternity leave.
As for Wills and Kate, the pair attended the lavish state banquet dinner alongside Trump on Monday evening.
Wearing an incredible Alexander McQueen gown paired with her personal favourite Lovers Knot tiara, Kate looked heavenly as she entered the glamorous soiree.
But it seems the regal twosome didn't mix with Trump at the event - nope, not even a quick selfie with Trump looked to be on the cards.
That's not to say Trump's visit has been a lonely one. He's brought quite the entourage with him, including his wife Melania, along with his adult children Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump and Tiffany Trump.
Looks like he'll just have to stick to family selfies from this particular trip.
Trump has been front and centre of Britain this week. (Getty)

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