British Royal Family

Meet Louis Spencer, Princess Diana's extremely handsome nephew who requires our immediate attention

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By Jess Pullar
In world of uncertainty, one thing will always remain true: The British royal family has, and hopefully always will continue to deliver us ridiculously good looking humans.
There was Prince William, of course, who stole hearts across the world as a young lad before he married Kate Middleton.
Then came Harry - the cheeky flame-haired jester with an infectious nature and those sweet blue-green eyes.
Of course, one of the worlds most stunning actresses fell for him, too - onya Meghan.
Oh, and let's not forget James Middleton - brother of Kate and solid rugged 10 to boot.
He and fiancee Alizee Thevenet make quite the good looking couple, we must say.
There's a common factor here - one that might feel a little distressing to those eligible folk waiting for their own Prince Charming.
Yep, these royal lads are all blissfully coupled up - so naturally, we'll address the next most important question: Who's next?
Well, dear reader, we just so happen to have the answer - and he comes in the ultimate package.
Introducing Louis Spencer - Princess Diana's smokin' hot nephew who might want to start shopping for the ring now, please and thanks.
Well hello there, sire Louis. (Getty)

Who is Louis Spencer?

Louis Spencer is the son of Charles Spencer and nephew of Princess Diana.
Charles, who welcomed Louis on 14 March 1994 with mum Victoria Aitken, is one of five siblings and is an Heir to Charles' Althorpe Estate.
You might be familiar with his siblings too - his oldest sister is a well known British model, Lady Kitty Spencer, 29, while he also has two 27-year-old sisters and twins, Eliza and Amelia.
Louis, now 26, was born in London before he and his family lived for an extended period in Cape Town, South Africa.
He later travelled back to the UK where he studied at Scotland's University of Edinburgh.
Louis also boasts a title - Viscount Althorp.
Yes, all very fancy, boxes being ticked left right and centre here.
Louis is the younger bother of Lady Kitty Spencer. Pictured here with their mother, Victoria Aitken. (Getty)

Does Louis Spencer have Instagram?

Great question, and the answer is... uncertain.
There is an Instagram account named after him with some candid pictures, but it doesn't quite seem to hit that personal note.
But whether it's actually him or not isn't really relevant, we'll quite happily throw it a follow for the sake of cute pics like this...

Does Louis Spencer have a girlfriend?

Again, another very important question.
At this stage, there's nothing confirmed as to whether Louis has a girlfriend or not.
His potential (but quite possibly fake) Instagram account doesn't suggest as much which basically means your mind is free to wander and hope that one day, you might just bump into him whilst perusing the aisles of Waitrose, oat milk and coconut yoghurt in hand.

What happened between Louis Spencer and Nikki Minaj?

Yes, you read that correctly.
While we did say that there's nothing thus far to suggest Louis has a girlfriend, there is a little history between the British aristocrat and famed singer.
Back in 2015, the pair famously met with Nikki quipping: "He said he wants to marry me."
Look, whether that's true or not, we can't blame the gal for claiming it.
They got a cute pic of the moment too.
Hot tip: this is a prime photo shopping opportunity if we ever saw one...

Did Louis Spencer go to any royal weddings?

In short - yes!
Princess Diana's nephews and nieces all showed up for Prince Harry and Meghan's Windsor nuptials back in 2018.
That's where a few of you might have commenced your love affair - at least, Twitter suggests as much.
As entering royal guests were broadcast worldwide, the social media platform practically exploded with stunned and smitten fans: "Um, ok, someone needs to set me up with Harry's cousin, Louis Spencer. I think I'm ready for marriage," one user by the name of Coffee & Cocktails wrote.
We feel you, mate.
Twitter lost the plot when Louis entered royal wedding stage left. (Twitter)
Team Spencer made quite the entrance at Harry and Meghan's nuptials. (Getty)