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The hardest working member of the royal family in 2018 may surprise you

Can you guess?

By Alex Lilly
2018 may be done and dusted, but hopefully one member of the royal family will be taking it a little easier this year.
With two babies, two weddings, a milestone 70th birthday and a royal pregnancy announcement, you'd think one of the younger royals would have had the biggest year, but it turns out that this senior royal was the hardest working member of the family in 2018.
Princess Anne has been the busiest royal of 2018. (Image: Getty Images)
Move aside William, Harry, Catherine and Meghan, it's Princess Anne who worked the hardest this year with a whopping 447 domestic appearances in the UK and another 71 overseas engagements.
In fact, that's more than the royal Fab Four combined- Prince William attended 150 events at home and 70 abroad while Prince Harry attended 108 local events and 85 overseas, including his and Duchess Meghan's whirlwind tour of Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga.
Duchess Catherine, who gave birth to Prince Louis in April, attended 87 public engagements whilst Duchess Meghan who became an official member of the family in May was present at 45 official engagements in the UK and 51 overseas.
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Princess Anne was nearly pipped at the post by her older brother, Prince Charles, who attended 507 events including his tour of Africa with Duchess Camilla.
Her two younger brothers also worked hard this year with Prince Andrew attending 394 events and Prince Edward making 463 royal appearances. Impressive stuff!
Even her 92 year-old mother Queen Elizabeth kept going with her royal appearances attending a grand total of 283 events in the UK, though she has stopped travelling overseas.
The Times' Tim O'Donovan, who compiled the list said, however, that everything needs to be taken with a grain of salt.
"I should again emphasise that the above table of figures should not be converted into a 'league table' of individual royal performance."
"All engagements differ as to time and content and there is also the time taken in preparation, whether it be a visit, investiture or speech."
2018 has been a big year for the royals. (Images: Getty Images)
The Queen herself mentioned how busy a year it had been in her Christmas speech on a general level with England reaching the World Cup semi-finals and the World War I centenary celebrations and within the family.
"It's been a busy year for my family, with two weddings and two babies, and another child expected soon. It helps to keep a grandmother well occupied," she remarked.
Bring on 2019!

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