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Eagle-eyed fans spot Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall's hidden talent in her official 75th birthday portraits

The Duchess of Cornwall turned 75 on Sunday.

By Alana Mazzoni
Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall has marked her 75th birthday by taking part in an official photoshoot in the sprawling garden of her Wiltshire home.
In the portraits, captured by royal photographer Chris Jackson, the Duchess of Cornwall looked radiant in a floral summer dress by Sophie Dundas.
But royal watchers were quick to notice a beautiful hidden detail in the photos - a subtle ode to the Duchess' famous green thumb.
Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall grew the peaches featured in her official birthday portraits. (Image: Chris Jackson/Getty)
In the photos, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall couldn't have looked more relaxed as she sat at her outdoor table with a cup of tea.
In the foreground of the photo lay a bowl of peaches, which the Duchess of Cornwall grew herself.
"I've spent many years travelling around the world photographing The Duchess on Royal Tours and engagements so it's lovely to photograph her somewhere she feels so relaxed," Chris said of the photos he snapped.
"I love the fact she even grew the impressive peaches in the photo."
Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall was joined by her beloved Jack Russell Terrier, Beth. (Image: Chris Jackson/Getty)
Having the birthday photoshoot take place at the Duchess' country retreat Raymill, in Lacock, Wiltshire, is fitting given her long-time love of gardening and spending time at home.
"I'd be out in my garden all day, every day if I were allowed," she told reporters at an event for the British charity Floral Angels. "I love to get my hands dirty."
In other photos from the shoot, which was posted on the official Clarence House Instagram page, the future Queen Consort was joined by her beloved Jack Russell Terrier, Beth, who regularly accompanies her to royal events.
It follows the Duchess of Cornwall marking her milestone birthday by guest editing Country Life magazine's July issue, which was photographed by her daughter-in-law Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.
It was quite the family affair for Camilla. Her son, food writer Tom Parker Bowles, wrote about his mother's penchant for peaches and her favourite dessert, peach melba.
"My mother is a keen grower of white peaches (the subject of this month's column was very much her idea)," Tom wrote.
The Duchess of Cornwall also spoke exclusively to The Weekly about everything from how she felt about becoming Queen Consort to her "idyllic childhood" in South Downs.
"Sometimes in the summer we used to ride to school on our ponies, probably something that's more Australian than English, but we used to ride and then tie them up and ride back again," she recalled.
"It just shows how things have changed, because in those days there was nothing on the roads. Can you imagine now letting a child ride to school with its satchel on its back? I mean it wouldn't happen."

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