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French parents could be jailed for posting pictures of their kids on Facebook

Under stringent privacy laws parents could face penalties as severe as a year in prison or a hefty fine.

French parents are being advised to stop posting photos of their kids on social media networks.
Legal experts warn that children could sue their parents for breaching their right to privacy or jeopardising their security.
France has very strict privacy laws and legal experts say that in the future, children could take their parents to court.
Eric Delcroix, an expert on internet law, says that under French law, parents are responsible for protecting images of their children.
“We often criticise teenagers for their online behaviour, but parents are no better,” he told the Le Figaro newspaper.
The French Police have added to the warnings by reminding parents about the dangers of posting photos of naked children on social media.
Jay Parikh, a vice-president of Facebook, told the Telegraph that the service is considering setting up a system to notify parents who put photographs of children online without restricting their privacy settings.
“If I was putting online a photo of my kids playing in the park, and I accidentally shared it with everyone, the system could say: ‘Hey, wait a minute, this is a picture of your children. Usually you only send them to members of your family. Are you sure you want to do this?’” he explained.

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