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EXCLUSIVE: The Voice Australia's Jack Vidgen reveals "'I hit rock bottom!"

It's been a tough ride for Jack since he last appeared on reality TV

By Helen Vnuk
Former Australia's Got Talent winner Jack Vidgen, now 22, has made a triumphant return to singing at The Voice Australia blind auditions.
But the former child star, who had all four coaches turn their chairs, is a very different person from the 14-year-old who wowed Australia years ago.
Jack opens up to TV WEEK about the tough times, how The Voice Australia is healing him – and his new look.
You haven't sung publicly in five years. Why did you fall out of love with music?
I was just way too young for what I was going through. I wasn't really handling it too well. I was 16, I'd moved over to LA by myself, I was just trying to do my thing and hustle over there.
After falling out of love with music, Jack's trying to reconnect with the stage (Image: Nine Network).
You said you hit rock bottom in LA. What happened?
There was just the realisation that I wasn't enjoying it anymore. I was super alone. That was my rock bottom. I decided I needed to come home, I needed to hug my mum, I needed to see my friends again.
What was it like working in aged care and retail when you returned?
I was just craving normality. To actually just go to work, come home from work, it was so refreshing for me.
What did you spend your AGT prize money of $250,000 on?
I bought my mum a nice new car. I grew up fairly poor and I'd never seen that much money in my life. Afterwards... I don't think people realise how much money you have to spend when you're trying to build a music career.
Jack reveals The Voice has been 'healing' (Image: Nine Network).
You've talked about having lip fillers. Tell us about your decision to have them done...
I've been searching for my identity over the years. I've never had any kind of plastic surgery, but I've definitely had fillers – I think that's pretty obvious! I honestly see lip fillers like make-up, like tattoos, like getting your hair done. I'm happy with it. I like the way I look.
Did you have any fears about returning to TV on The Voice?
Honestly, it's been such a special and healing thing for me so far, any kinds of fears have disappeared. I want people to hear my voice again. I want to be able to tell my story.
The Voice Australia airs Sunday, 7pm, and Monday-Tuesday, 7.30pm, on Nine Network.

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