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The Voice artist makes history with the show’s first ever gender reveal

It's a ... !

By Anita Lyons
The Voice has pulled out all the stops this year and the first night of the live shows has been no exception.
And for competitor Rebecca Selley, this time in her life is particularly exciting and special, as she is expecting her second child.
During Monday's live show, Rebecca surprised her coach, Kelly Rowland, with a huge black balloon.
"What's going on with the balloon?" Kelly asked, when Rebecca entered the room during rehearsals.
"Well, the last time we saw each other, I hadn't had my gender reveal party. Are you gonna do it with me?" she asked the former Destiny's Child singer.
"Do I get to pop it?" Kelly asked with excitement!
In a The Voice Australia first, the gender was revealed - a baby girl!
Rebecca entered with a black balloon, ready to reveal the gender of her second child. (Source: Channel 9)
It's a GIRL! (Source: Channel 9)
Rebecca then went onto sing the most STUNNING version of Ave Maria by Beyoncé - and even channelled her inner Bey with a spectacular gold outfit and video production.
In another emotional moment before her performance, Rebecca revealed that this was the song that she had performed for her husband Jake at their wedding.
"This was, I'm gonna try not to cry," she told Kelly. "[It's] the song that I sang for Jake at our wedding. It's still the same emotions, so that's gonna be a huge challenge for me. I don't want to totally lose it, have a crying moment on stage."
Rebecca's spectacular performance on The Voice. (Source: Channel 9)*
And if this whole thing wasn't beautiful enough, Rebecca's son JJ led the charge by introducing his mum - and honestly it was the CUTEST thing EVER!
"Go, Mummy!" he yelled into the microphone - and we are now a puddle of goo!
Rebecca's son, JJ. (Source: Channel 9)
After her performance, coach Guy Sebastian said what we were all thinking.
"The only bumpy thing about that performance was your stomach," he said to cheers from the crowd.
"That was ridiculous. and just for me, can you do that last little lick you just did, that last little run? That's just ridiculous!"
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Congratulations Rebecca!