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EXCLUSIVE: The Veronicas join Boy George on The Voice - but they have their eye on a permanent gig

''We are ready.''

By Melissa Field
Despite being stranded at home in London thanks to the global pandemic, Boy George wasn't going to leave his team in the lurch.
"He called us up and asked if we would be up for having some fun," The Veronicas – aka Jess and Lisa Origliasso, tell TV WEEK.
"We Facetimed with him and he gave us a little back story on each person," adds Jess. "He told us to just be really honest and most importantly of all, don't be boring."
"He called us up and asked if we would be up for having some fun." (Images: Nine/Getty)
The twins – who says Siala is their stand out contender– have loved mentoring George's and say they'd welcome the opportunity to join the show more permanently.
"We are ready," says Lisa, with a laugh. "The real question though is, is Australia ready for us?!"
WATCH BELOW: The Veronicas performed topless at the ARIAS. Post continues after video...
In addition to their time on The Voice, Lisa and Jess are considering whether they're going to do a second season of their MTV reality show Blood Is For Life.
"We've been approached about going again but we're weighing that up at the moment," Jess says. "Having cameras around you 24/7 is full on."
The sisters are weighing up a second season of their reality show, Blood Is For Life. (Image: Instagram)
The twins, who are 35, are also busy working on new music. Their new single Biting My Tongue is out July 3 and they're finessing an album too. But for now, they're focused on The Voice.
"The show is a huge opportunity for people to show how adaptable they are," says Lisa.
"It's a fine balance to hold yourself as an artist but prove you're adaptable too," adds Jess. "We admire everyone who's come though. It's definitely not easy."

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