The Voice

Awkward! Looks like Guy Sebastian just snubbed a Voice contestant he already knew - on national television

Err, doesn't he know her from somewhere...?

By Jess Pullar
You know when you're at the supermarket and you spot old mate Rob from down the road who loves to spin a yarn for what feels like an eternity, and all you can try to do is avoid eye contact and suddenly become very interested in the ingredients listed on the back of that cereal box in order to evade the situation entirely?
Yeah, well Guy Sebastian can seriously relate.
In an awkward moment on the latest episode of The Voice, Guy was confronted with a contestant who was strikingly familiar to him, but he appeared to play it completely aloof - almost as though he'd never met her.
Only the thing is, he had. And it was on another television show - X-Factor.
Yep, the Aussie singing legend was faced with the familiar face of Vendulka Wichita, who auditioned on X-Factor in 2012 when Guy was a judge - and she wowed the judges then as much as she did in last night's episode.
So with this in mind, surely Guy would remember her?
"Hmmm, that voice sounds familiar..." (Nine)
C'mon, that looks like the face of recognition, Guy! (Nine)
One fan pointed out the awkward snub on Twitter, writing: "Vendulka was great but awkward that Guy didn't mention he knew her??"
Meanwhile, another fan suggested there could be a reason behind it all: "They pretend like the X-Factor doesn't / didn't exist. I'm sure when Guy heard her name he remembered her, as I did, but probably couldn't reference how because they never mention X-Factor."
Watch Vendulka's X-Factor audition below! Story continues after video...
A few years on, Vendulka is all grown up and more than ready to tackle the industry.
And it seems like her debut on The Voice last night is just the beginning - posting to her Instagram after the show, the budding pro singer wrote: "Holy sh*t. What a wild ride. I'm so excited to see where we can go from here!"
Vendulka is just getting started on The Voice (Nine)
Meanwhile, the young singer has already garnered the attention of Australians.
Taking to Twitter following her performance, one fan wrote: "Vendulka is a true artist, the way she interpreted a classic pop song and put her own bluesy/folk stamp on it had me captivated."
Meanwhile, another said: "WHAT THE HECK!!! I am in total shock and awe over that performance. Truly inspired! Your rendition of that song is truly unique."
Looks like Guy is about to be seeing a whole lot more of this talent - we'll hold our breath for that light bulb moment, surely he'll join the dots and recognise her!