The Block

The Block's most explosive secrets revealed!

The Blockheads share what you didn't see on camera.

By Emma Shepherd
Just when you thought you've seen it all on Australia's favourite renovation show The Block... think again!
The teams from this season dish out their most explosive secrets that happened during filming that never actually made it to air...
BRB, just grabbing the popcorn!
Talking In Codes
"When you hear any contestant say 'keewwel', it means we don't like something," Deb reveals.
"It's a funny little thing we started doing to each other's houses and styling ideas just to stir each other up. Even when one of Andy's jokes fell flat, we'd say, 'Keewwel, Andy!'"
That sounds, erm, keewwel!
The Blockheads including Deb and Andy (both pictured) made up their own code words. Supplied
Tess and Luke's house is haunted
Luke and Tess had a spooky experience while they were planning their master bedroom.
"No-one was around, it was late at night and we were having an argument," Tess tells NW.
"All of a sudden we hear someone exhaling right behind us. We looked all around the scaffold, in our neighbours' rooms and no-one was around!
It was scary but kind of comforting. Whatever it was, it wasn't trying to scare us. It was telling us to just breathe."
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Even though Tess and Luke had a spooky experience with a ghost, they said it didn't scare them! Supplied
Jesse's shower ban!
Jesse went three whole days without showering or changing clothes! Peeyew – poor Mel!
"I was falling asleep between four and five every morning, so it was easier to leave my boots on, lay down and close my eyes in my work gear than it was to get undressed and shower," he admits.
The stench was so bad, even the crew complained!
He smelt so bad event the crew told his partner Mel to tell him to go and have a shower! Supplied
Fighting over text message
While this season had plenty of drama, it seems we missed out on a whole lot more as the Blockheads devised a way to get bitchy without the crew knowing!
"Contestants would fight over text so the producers wouldn't know that they were fighting," a Nine insider explains.
So sneaky!
The Blockheads this year were very, very sneaky indeed! Ten
Naked Ambition!
Last year's losers Jess and Norm got more than they bargained for when they stopped by this year's worksite – they found El'ise standing in the hallway completely naked!
"Don't worry, El'ise – it happens to the best of us!" jokes Jess.
Still, that's kinda awkward!
Caught out!
Matt and El'ise were busted in a very compromising position one morning.
"Matt started shearing me like a bloody sheep – and that's not a euphemism," El'ise admits.
"Producers walked in and Matt had my head in his crotch, shearing away. He just kept going!"
Matt and El'ise don't mind showing a little PDA! Ten
Near death experience
Just when you thought The Block was one of the safest building sites around – thanks, Keith! – think again!
El'ise very nearly met her maker when she was renovating late one night and a wall fell down right where she was working. Eek! Talk about a close call. "It wasn't my time," she tells NW.
The Block airs Monday to Wednesday, 7.30pm, and Sunday, 7pm, on Nine Network.
"It wasn't my time, my time wasn't up, angels must have been looking over me" she tells NW. Supplied

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