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EXCLUSIVE: The Block's Jesse and Mel's twin baby joy

The determined couple are ready for double the fun when it comes to starting their family.

Victorian Blockheads Jesse Raeburn and his partner Mel Manson haven't exactly made it easy on themselves at the Oslo.
Foremen Keith and Dan and The Block host Scotty Cam have repeatedly questioned their work ethic and larrikin attitudes on the monumental build this season, but the couple insist they're in it to win it. And they're doing it all for their "#futurekids".
"It's why we went on The Block," Mel, 30, tells Woman's Day. "[We wanted] to make some money. We definitely want a family."
However, the couple aren't too concerned with walking down the aisle just yet.
"We will definitely have kids before marriage, because we want the money to set up ourselves. Right now, it's a home and a family," she adds.
"We definitely want a family," says Mel. (Image exclusive to Woman's Day)
"We tend to do everything backwards. I think I told her that I loved her first," says Jesse.
"Yeah, and then you moved in, then you asked me to be your girlfriend. I was very confused," Mel laughs.
And the couple have specific requirements when it comes bringing a brood in to the world.
"We want twins," says Mel. "My brother and sister are twins. That's what I'm hoping for."
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"We've got a lot of twins in our family, so we're praying we get them done in one go. Like, bang – girl, boy. Happy days," says Jesse.
"I could even do triplets!" Mel laughs.
"We've got a lot of twins in our family, so we're praying we get them done in one go," says Jesse. (Image exclusive to Woman's Day)
The couple have even thought about gender.
"I definitely want both," says Mel. "I'll keep trying until I get one of each."
In fact, they've already started trying – in some of their completed rooms at the Oslo no less!
"We actually did! A couple of rooms actually," Mel reveals.

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