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Scott Cam versus Jesse: The Block's bitter feud explodes!

Cocky Jesse’s antics have failed to impress the Gold Logie-winning host.

It's the renovation blockbuster that puts couples and friends to the test, but nothing had 29-year-old auctioneer Jesse Raeburn prepared for his rift with The Block's longstanding host Scott Cam!
Speaking to the media before the show's recent launch, the 56-year-old presenter hinted at a bitter feud with the St Kilda local when he told the crowd that Jesse "needs to be 10 feet away from me at all times".
Speaking to Woman's Day, Jesse is certain there are no restraining orders in place – "at least not that I've taken out" he jokes. And while he's now able to laugh about his spat with Scotty and the show's foreman Keith Schleiger, it's been something of a bumpy ride for the reality renovator, who has been forced to hit back at claims by the show's crew that he's "cocky and rude".
"I'm just a really confident person," says Jesse. "I have a huge belief that I can get things done. I absolutely back myself, and I always put in the work. I also believe that it can be difficult to understand my sense of humour," he adds, revealing that the other contestants were put off by his big personality.
And while a catch-up beer with Scott might still be off the table, Jesse maintains he and the host have more in common than they both originally thought.
"We are quite similar," says Jesse. "We're both proud people and good at what we do."WATCH: The Block's Scott Cam unleashes at Jesse in explosive fight. Story continues after video...
Jesse and foreman Keith (left) have already come to blows. Image: Channel Nine

And he could be back for more!

He was the auctioneer who sold 2018 Blockheads Courtney and Hans' apartment for a whopping $410,000 profit, and now Jesse tells Woman's Day he's more than ready to tackle The Block for a third time.
"The show is definitely lacking a real estate expert," says Jesse, who is more than willing to accept a job offer from Nine for next year. "Someone who can help offer a view from the buyer and help the renovators understand what the market wants," he adds.
Jesse has been ruffling feathers during his Block stint. Image: Channel Nine

Kylie Minogue hits The Block

Other than the sheer size of The Oslo, nothing surprised The Block's Mitch Edwards, 56, and Mark McKie, 57, more than discovering Kylie Minogue's uncle was a member of this season's crew.
"We just thought how cool is this!" say the stylish grandpas, who have a soft spot for the pop princess. "She's a beautiful person and we were so lucky to meet her!"
Kylie Minogue pops in for a visit. Image: Exclusive/Supplied
Kylie's uncle (pictured) is a member of this season's crew. Image: Exclusive/Supplied

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