The Block

The Block stars just debuted matching tattoos with the sweetest meaning

Set in ink.

By Maddison Hockey
There's no doubt the gruelling nature of The Block puts it's contestants through A LOT.
Renovating an entire house/apartment/hotel in just a few months involves tears, tantrums, sleepless nights and fights. But, what it also creates (other than amazing homes) is life-long friendships - something the women of the 2019 series have just proved.
Tess, Deb, El'ise and Mel took to their respective Instagram pages over the weekend to show off their new ink, all identical in design.
Tess showed off her new ink in a sweet Instagram post. *(Image: Instagram)*
The symbol which looks similar to two crosses, is an Inguz rune and loosely translates to 'Where there is a will, there is a way.'
This sounds exactly like the kind of motto you need to make it through a season on The Block.
Elise had the symbol tattooed on her wrist. *(Image: Instagram)*
Each woman shared the quote before explaining the meaning behind it on a personal level.
"Last year was huge for Luke and I in so many different ways. We had to keep finding the will to pump through the positives and the negatives," Tess, who won the series with husband, Luke, wrote.
"Our will was our inner strength, our will was sometimes our friends and family, our will was almost definitely always each other and last but not least, our will was our Block family."
Talking about her co-stars, Tess went on to write that they "still support each other now" and will "forever be linked" to one another.
"I'm proud to be permanently inked Deb wrote." *(Image: Instagram)*
Deb who competed with her husband Andy also shared how "grateful" she was for the friends she had made on the show.
"I'm proud to be permanently inked and linked with some of my fellow Block fam," Deb wrote.
Its appears the four women were the only Blockheads to brave the tattoo chair, with nothing appearing on Bondi couple Mitch and Mark's social media or the women's respective partners.
But, that may make this show of friendship and girl gang all the sweeter!
Mel also shared an image with her co-stars. *(Image: Instagram)*