The Block

Could Mitch and Mark change The Block forever?

The granddads think if they win, next year could be “more vibrant and interesting”

By Helen Vnuk
Mitch and Mark rocked The Block this season when they made some major changes to the floor plans for their house. When they got rid of a bedroom and replaced it with an entertaining area, everything got shaken up.
So will teams on future seasons follow their example? Well, that all depends on how much money the Sydney couple get for their house at auction this Sunday.
"We've taken lots of risks in playing with the floor plan and changing everything up and going for a style that's not vanilla, it's more vibrant and loud,' Mitch tells TV WEEK. "If it doesn't work, it will be proven at auction day.
"It will be very wise for future Block contestants to look at how we've performed because if we perform well, you might see a lot of mixed-up plans going forward, and if we perform badly, my advice to others would be to stick to the rules."
Mitch and Mark could shape the future of The Block on Sunday. Image: Nine Network
Mark says their experiment might work or it might not.
"If it does, then maybe 2020's going to be even more vibrant and interesting," he says.
Judge Shaynna Blaze says Mitch and Mark's changes to their floor plans really did have a big impact on the season.
"Everybody else in the building was responding to what Mitch and Mark were doing, so it was almost like they were trying to keep up with Mitch and Mark," she says.
As to whether it will change future seasons of The Block, Shaynna agrees that will depend on the auction results.
"It could, actually. It could," she admits.
Shaynna says she's really loved what this year's teams have delivered.
"They brought so much creativity that we haven't seen for a while. Last series, the series before, we went, 'Oh, everybody's copying, or doing the same sort of look,' whereas this one, for me, was the most creative one I've seen across the board," she says.
"I loved it. Each week was like Christmas, going, 'Oh God, I can't wait to see what they've all done!'"
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The Block finale airs Sunday, 7pm, on Nine.

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