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Who will win The Block 2019? The teams weigh in

“Jesse has the connections...”

By Helen Vnuk
Anything could happen at The Block auctions this Sunday. But who are the teams quietly tipping to win?
TV WEEK asked each of them, and, not surprisingly, they're all tipping themselves. And if not them? Well, possibly the team in house five: Melbourne real estate agent Jesse and his partner Mel.
"I think one of our biggest competitors would maybe be house five," Tess says. "I think their styling and their colour scheme throughout their house, it's not polarising in any way. I think a lot of people could probably like house five."
The other teams think Jesse and Mel will win The Block. Image: Nine Network
Mitch and Mark made their thoughts pretty clear on the show when Mitch told El'ise that their money troubles meant they'd handed the win to Jesse and Mel "on a platter".
El'ise doesn't agree, telling TV WEEK that every house that has four bedrooms – that is, every house except Mitch and Mark's – is a "massive chance". But she does think that if anyone's going to take "a little bit more" at auction, it might be Jesse and Mel.
"I do believe with Jesse's amazing contacts – he works with a lot of millionaires and billionaires – that he might have someone coming in that door," she explains.
"I'm not saying he's going to come first, but close up there. It might not necessarily be the best house, but he has a lot of fantastic connections."
So how do Jesse and Mel feel about the other teams throwing their name out there?
"It's a nice feeling," Mel says. "At the end of the day, a lot of investors buy these properties. You have to have that in mind the whole time – 'What will sell to the biggest market?' – and that's what we did and what we hope will work for us."
But Jesse is not convinced that knowing millionaires and billionaires means that one of them will buy his house.
"No one likes me enough to give me three million dollars!" he says with a laugh.
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The Block finale airs Sunday, 7pm, on Nine.

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