The Block

The Block host Scott Cam had to do a lot to get this year’s teams across the line

“We pushed them through!”

By Helen Vnuk
The biggest season of The Block ever was maybe a bit too big. Host Scott Cam could see the teams were "struggling all the way through" this year, and it became his role to just keep them going.
"We pushed them through and got them across the line," he tells TV WEEK. "We helped them out. We threw some money at them.
"I think, in hindsight, we knew it was always going to be big, but we probably won't do something that big again."
There were some massive controversies this season, none more than Mitch and Mark accusing Scott of a comment they called "homophobic".
"A quarter of our company are gay and they're my best friends in Melbourne when I live there," he says.
"For me to be accused of making a homophobic slur was a slur on the friends I work with."
Scott was hurt by claims he made a homophobic slur. Image: Nine
But Scott wasn't too bothered more recently when Tess and Luke slammed The Block, saying they'd been depicted as "lazy" and that it was "all a lie".
Scott believes that at the start, the young Cairns couple did have "issues" with budget and time management.
"You're allowed to vent," he says. "We understand. You're tired and emotional and that happens. But we're on their side and everything's all right."
Scot says it's been a tough season for him too. After the auctions, he'll be heading overseas for a family holiday.
But he's already begun filming for the next series of The Block – which, at this moment, is just "a block of land" in Melbourne.
"It's exciting," he says.
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The Block airs Monday to Wednesday, 7:30pm, and the finale airs Sunday, 7pm, on Nine.

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