From a rugby player to Mr. Italy, meet The Bachelorette 2020 contestants vying for Elly and Becky Miles' hearts

But who will connect with which sister?

By Maddison Hockey and Lucy Bode
As The Bachelor Locky Gilbert's search for love reaches the thorn pointed end of his journey, the countdown to The Bachelorette with sister duo Elly and Becky Miles begins.
Fans are eagerly waiting to see exactly how The Bachelorette's first ever double season will play out.
And judging by the first teaser for the show, it's not just the fans who are wondering how two Bachelorette's will work.
Double trouble and double the love. (Channel Ten)
While we didn't quite get a clear answer, we did get a peek at the eligible men hoping to win over Elly and/or Becky.
As the tantalising teaser aired, eagle eyed fans identified some of the handsome men set to appear.
From a rugby star to Mr Italy, we meet all the uncovered contestants so far.