The Bachelorette Australia

"Take a shot everytime they mention being from the country": These Twitter reactions to The Bachelorette premiere last night sum everything up

And we're off to a rip roaring start.

By Jess Pullar
When The Bachelor Australia wrapped up on our screens with a very smitten Locky and Irena riding off into the sunset, there was no denying that little snag of regret as the realisation dawned on us that our Wednesday and Thursday evening trash TV watching was finito.
Well, that was until this week, barely a fortnight later, when The Bachelorette hurtled into our lives with a fizz and a bang.
You don't have to look far to know why this season has already made a pretty big impression on us already.
Instead of the usual format of one Bachelorette, this year, we've got a Bachelorette squared extravaganza, with former reality star Elly Miles and her sister Becky both vying to find their dream dude.
Of course, the people had questions - how would a double format work? Would Elly and Becky date the same guys? How do they choose?
Endless possibilities, hopeful outlook.
Surely this season will bring something different to our screens... (Network Ten)
Lucky for us - that's exactly what we got.
A series of quirky entrances (the guys were just as baffled as us by the double format), a giant palava of a cocktail party and even a rose ceremony rejection from one of the blokes.
Already, this season is serving us sufficient amounts of drama - and Twitter agrees.
Take a look at our favourite tweets and Instagram reactions from the premiere episode - starting with something we were all thinking.
As contestant Shannon Karaka entered stage left with his family in tow performing a rousing Haka, the result was nothing short of stunning.
Of course, we were still entirely baffled by this new double format thing.
Also, did anyone else wonder how sick Elly and Becky were getting of explaining that there were two of them?

When AB refused Becky's rose, you could hear a damn pin drop across the entire country.
And let's not forget our resident hot geologist, Adam Todd.
And finally, another clanger comparison from BachieFunny - Marvel edition.