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Behold, The Bachelorette's Harry Harris' relationship with his young son will melt your heart

We literally cannot.

By Maddison Hockey
This year's season of The Bachelorette with Elly and Becky Miles has barely begun and already we have more drama and spoilers than we can poke a rose stem at.
Some of the earliest drama is said to centre on contestant James "Harry" Harris.
Harry adores his son, Xavier. (Insatgram)
It turns out The Bachelorette isn't Harry's first time on a reality show, having appeared on House Rules with his wife at the time, Kate Whiting.
The couple, who share a five-year-old son, Xavier, shocked fans in 2018 when they announced their split after nine years of marriage.
Selling the house they renovated on the show, they told The Advertiser they simply "drifted apart".
Harry and Kate split after appearing on the show. (Channel Seven)
Harry appeared in one of the first trailers for this season of the show, and it's clear he made quite the impression.
When Elly asks the handsome suitor why he chose to sign up for the reality dating show, Harry tells both girls: "To find love… love is the most amazing thing!"
Following his brief encounter with the ladies, Becky gushes over Harry, telling sister Elly that she had a connection with the handsome hunk.
"Harry made me feel comfortable" Becky began, before taking a pause and revealing she was "getting hot" about the situation.
The reality star instantly gets the sister's attention. (Channel Ten)
The ex-House Rules star received a special rose on the first night for making a good first impression on Elly and Becky which entitled him to the first double date alongside a contestant of his choosing - he picked Shannon Karaka.
Whether Harry shares his reality TV history while on the show is still unclear, but if So Dramatic's latest podcast is anything to go by, he's going to find himself caught up in drama for different reason.
Harry reportedly finds himself in trouble very quickly. (Instagram)
While on the double date, the podcast claims he finds himself torn between Elly and Becky in the kind of drama fans were expecting (read: hoping for) from a double Bachelorette season.
"There is an incestual love triangle situation that plays out between the sister act and him," Megan claims. "Becky is keen on Harry but Harry is only interested in Elly."
"More drama unfolds when Elly finds out that he is 35 with a kid and apparently was no longer keen on him."
Fans will have to wait and see if the rumours are true, we'll have the popcorn ready regardless.