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EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelorette's Taite Radley reveals he never wanted to have kids

''It was always hard, knowing that I was going to tell Ali what she didn’t want to hear.''

By NW team
For a second there, we didn't think Ali Oetjen – taking her third trip on the reality TV merry-go-round – was going to find love.
While one of her Bachelorette suitors, Todd King, was ready to get down on one knee, the man she really had her heart set on, Taite Radley, just couldn't promise her the world.
There was no talk of a wedding, or even a happy ever after. All he could offer her was his heart, and a willingness to give love a shot after all the cameras disappeared.
Well, how things can change in just three short months!
Ali, 32, and Taite, 28, tell NW they're planning their perfect family of four – and have named the two little girls they can't wait to welcome into the Oetjen-Radley fam. Aww!

NW sat down for an intimate chat with the Bachie lovebirds – and we're expecting a lot from them!
How did you guys keep things on the DL for so long? We're in awe!
Ali: It's an amazing feeling to be able to actually express what I'm feeling. I'm so happy in love! I'm seriously falling more and more in love every day. And I feel like my connection with Taite grows the more we spend time with each other.
Taite: I couldn't be happier, honestly. It's been so hard [having built] such a strong connection with Ali and then being torn apart. But, you know, we've held strong through it. Being together now, I know it's exactly what I want.
Aw, you guys! We're tearing up a bit! So, we hear you got together to watch the finale. Did your family know the outcome?
Taite: Yeah my parents knew. They had a heap of their friends over who didn't, but mum and dad knew.
Ali: My immediate family did as well. It was really emotional. Really emotional, but so happy.
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Ali, you took a risk with Taite. It looked as if he'd thrown himself under the bus when he said he wasn't prepared to get married.
Taite: It felt like that, too! It was always hard, knowing that I was going to tell Ali what she didn't want to hear. But I was just so happy that she could see that I was genuine and had her best interests at heart.
Ali: That just blew me away. At the time it was devastating, but then an hour after, I was like, "Wait a sec. This guy is gonna tell me honestly everything that he's feeling, which is amazing." I didn't want a guy who'd just tell me what I wanted to hear.
Ali, so many peeps wanted to see you with Todd – and he had an engagement ring! Watching it back were you like, WTF?!
Ali: I definitely wasn't expecting it! It was such a shock. I think, you know, it's obvious Todd is really looking for that special person that he wants to be with.
Taite: And I didn't see Todd at all [then]. The last time I saw him, it was probably when it was the final four.
Taite and Ali are living their "happily ever after". (Source: Instagram @taiteadamradley)
Taite revealed he didn't want kids before coming on the show. (Source: Network Ten Media)
So let's talk kids, you two! The highlight of our year would be news of a Bachie baby...
Taite: I would definitely love kids! Something similar to what my mum and dad have – two kids.
Ali: I want two kids, too! I'd ideally like twins – [and] I would like one to be called Heidi.
Taite: And then maybe "Tali" – a mix between Taite and Ali!
Loving that! But what's changed, Taite? You've been a bit late coming to the whole family/commitment party.
Taite: I didn't want kids prior to coming on [the show]. Obviously it's the reason I got out of my last relationship, because I wasn't ready for that. But after I'd been single for a year and a half, I thought, "I want to settle down now." It's not scary.
The Tali buzz is growing, but what's next for Taite and Ali?
Taite: This [feels] like our first day being together, even though we've been together for so long. We've talked about it, and we are open to being anywhere – wherever the best opportunities for each other are.
Ali: We're just taking it as it comes. If only you could see us – we are so close right now!
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