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Bachie couple konfirmed! Abbie Chatfield is dating Konrad Bien-Stephens, and they're making it very official

Abbie is living the dream!

By Maddison Leach
Abbie Chatfield has just made her rumoured relationship with Konrad Bien-Stephens official in a very revealing Instagram post.
The former Bachelor star and social media darling shared a slew of photos and videos konfirming (see what we did there) the news.

Abbie captioned the Bachiverse breaking post, "Me: I'll never talk about who I'm dating publicly. This mf: 🧍."
Of course, her famous friends jumped onto her comment section to share their glee.
This year's Bachelor winner Holly Kingston wrote, "OOOOOHHH YEH," whilst Abbie's former Bachie flame, Matt Agnew, even liked the post.
"Me: I'll never talk about who I'm dating publicly. This mf: 🧍." (Instagram)
Last week following his elimination from Brooke Blurton's season, the man of the hour revealed to TV WEEK how the whole romance got started.
"Meeting her was totally random," Konrad told us over the phone, revealing that a mutual friend introduced them.
"When I met her, we got along like a house on fire. We have talked since then about the whole [Bachelor/ette] experience, but at first it was really just that I thought she was rad. We got along so well."
Having been on the show herself, Abbie knows exactly what Konrad experienced in the Bachelorette mansion and he admitted it had been nice to chat through that with her.
But the 31-year-old insisted that even if he'd never gone on the show, there still would have been something between him and Abbie.
"I guess if I hadn't have done it [The Bachelorette] and I had the opportunity to meet her, I think it would've gone the same way anyway," he said.
Bachelorette frontrunner Konrad Bien-Stephens. (Ten)
Rumours of a relationship came to life when footage obtained by the Daily Mail appeared to show Abbie looking stunning and sharing a kiss with a tall, bleach-blonde man with painted nails.
And he looked an awful lot like Brooke Blurton's Konrad Bien-Stephens.
The 31-year-old tradie was one of the undeniable fan-favourites on Brooke's season of The Bachelorette, and many fans guessed was the one to win.
She previously told TV WEEK that she found "her person" on the show and is happily in love, so we're going to take a guess that he and Brooke don't end up together on the show.
As for Abbie, she had already spoken publicly about her interest in the nail-polish and dangly-earring wearing Bachelorette contestant.
She joked in an episode of her It's A Lot podcast that she and a friend were "fighting over Konrad" and that she wanted him to "take care" of her… in more ways than one.
"It's so cliché, but he's got little things on his nails, like little smiles. I know it's so soft boy, it's cute. He's cute. I like him," Abbie said of the 31-year-old.
She later shared a cryptic message on Instagram revealing that she had been on a date with a mystery guy, before musing about dating someone with the same star sign as her.
"How do we feel about two Geminis being more than friends? Is it bad? Is it good? Not that I really care, or that I'm asking... But yeah, let me know," she said on her Instagram Story.
While he and Brooke totally hit it off in the early episodes, the 26-year-old leading lady had been growing closer to contestants like Darvid, Holly and Jamie-Lee.
Another major clue that had some fans downright convinced that Darvid will be the one to win Brooke's heart in the finale emerged this month.

Bachie fan and super-sleuth Allira Howard left a very telling comment in the Queen of Australian Reality TV Facebook Group.
She revealed that Darvid lives opposite her parents and her family recently spotted Brooke arriving with the same suitcase she had shown on her Instagram Stories.
"Trying to be secretive, blinds shut, parking all the way at back of driveway etc but my sister saw [Brooke] and the suitcases she had in her Insta Story late last week too, when Darvid was getting her in/out of the car," the fan wrote – which was revealed by The Wash.
Though it's unlikely the pair are actually moving in together, many fans suspect this could be one of a few secret visits Brooke will be allowed with her winner before the finale airs.
Konrad and Brooke shared some cute moments early in the season. (Ten)
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