The Bachelor Australia

EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelor intruder Bec spills on her “instant spark” with Locky and how the other ladies reacted

''It’s insane how much you can feel.''

By Helen Vnuk
The girls on The Bachelor Australia are in for a shock.
A new intruder, Bec, joins Locky's search for love via laptop this week – and their chemistry is mind-blowing.
"It's insane how much you can feel for someone when you've only met them online," Bec, 25, tells TV WEEK.
"The second Locky and I connected on the screen, there was this instant spark. You couldn't have wiped the smiles off our faces if you tried!"
Locky's search for love has gone digital. (Channel Ten)
Everyone notices the chemistry between the two.
"Some of the girls are definitely taken aback by how strong our connection is in such a short time – I mean, even I am!" Bec adds. "I don't know if the other girls are jealous, but if it was the other way around, I'd be feeling protective over my connection as well."
So who is this new intruder? Bec is a senior beauty consultant from Queensland who has done a bit of modelling "for a few small brands".
She says she grew up in a coastal town as "a bit of a tomboy".
"I played rugby league for years, so I don't mind getting my hands dirty or coming out of anything with a few cuts and bruises," she explains.
Bec and Locky have similar interests. (Channel Ten)
Bec says she's attracted to "sporty, adventurous" men who know how to make her laugh. But she admits she hadn't heard of Locky before The Bachelor Australia.
"I had never seen him on Survivor so I didn't actually know who he was when he was announced," she explains.
"After I did my quick stalk, I was like, 'Yep, what a hunk!' I knew instantly we were going to have a lot in common."
With the girls already feuding among themselves, what will happen when everyone – including new frontrunner Bec – returns to the mansion?

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