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EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelor’s Roxi reveals why going into lockdown “changed” her feelings for Locky

''I almost snapped out of it.''

By Helen Vnuk
The Bachelor Australia goes into lockdown this week due to COVID-19. The remaining hopefuls are sent home, and Bachelor Locky has to continue his search for love online.
The big question is, will he and the girls still feel the chemistry through their laptops?
Roxi Kenny, who has been one of Locky's favourites from the beginning, tells TV WEEK she was worried her connection with him would "fizzle out".
"It was still in the early stages of getting to know one another," she explains.
"Plus, I've never been into online dating. It's just not for me."
How do you keep the chemistry alive via video call? (Channel Ten)
Once out of the "Bachelor bubble", the 29-year-old Queenslander found things did change for her.
"When I came home, I almost snapped out of it and started enjoying my everyday life without the stress of being in the mansion," she explains.
"It definitely changed how I was feeling, because it made me realise, 'I just met this guy. Do I actually have all those strong feelings or did I just get caught up in it all?'"
Lockdown had Roxi questioning her feelings. (Channel Ten)
Roxi has had an emotional time in the mansion, being seen in tears at the cocktail party when Locky has been spending time with other girls.
"I definitely wasn't crying for attention," Roxi insists.
"If anything, I wish no-one noticed me crying. I tried to hide away a few times, but there are cameras everywhere. There was more to the story than Locky simply spending time with other girls."
Roxi isn't impressed with being labelled an attention-seeker. (Channel Ten)
In terms of other girls, Roxi has no doubt who has caught Locky's eye.
"I definitely see Bella as a threat, because you can see the chemistry since we entered the mansion on the first night. Locky clearly took a liking to her and we noticed."
But will lockdown change everything?

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