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The Bachelor Australia: Was Shannon Baff drunk on last night's episode? Fans weigh in

The blonde bombshell caused a stir on Twitter after an emotional goodbye.

By Jess Pullar
There's no denying this season of The Bachelor Australia has seen some pretty dramatic exits.
Romy, Cat and Alisha aka "The Tripod" made a synchronous departure that made our jaws drop, while Steph's, "I can't believe I shaved my legs for this" line will go down in Bachie history.
But last night's episode took a slightly more worrying turn when 25-year-old Shannon Baff was denied a rose.
Shannon was sent home on Thursday night's episode.
Shannon's emotional farewell with Nick Cummins had some fans wondering whether the blonde beauty was drunk.
After the rose ceremony, Shannon gave a rambling speech to Nick aka the Honey Badger, telling him he had made a mistake.
"You haven't got to know me," Baff told Nick, with a slight slur to her voice.
"You should have given it another date."
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Shannon had an emotional conversation with Nick before getting into the limo.
Shannon appeared to be slurring her words.
Fans took to Twitter to weigh in on the encounter.
One person wrote: "Is Shannon drunk because Nick sounds like a bouncer trying to get her out of a bar."
Another added: "Shannon definitely had a few more wines than anticipated."
It's no secret there is plenty of alcohol at the Bachelor mansion - the contestants are often seen holding a glass of champagne during the cocktail parties.
But just how much alcohol that is isn't clear, with mixed responses from former Bachelor contestants who have provided insider accounts.
The Bachelor's cocktail parties are never seen without champagne glasses at the ready.
Sandra Rato of The Bachelor Australia season three said alcohol was never forced on the contestants.
"I didn't have any alcohol, I've got a loud personality as it is... I was drinking water out of those beautiful champagne glasses we got offered," she told
"We had to hold something to make it look like a cocktail party."
All the same, it seems that the girls are put through their paces from start to finish when it comes to filming.
The Daily Telegraph previously reported that sometimes the contestants only had two hours sleep before full days of filming.
Furthermore, sometimes contestants are filmed for a string of three all-nighters in a row where alcohol is consumed in humid conditions.
In that kind of circumstance it's not hard to image how woozy you'd feel, even after one glass!
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And while there's no confirmation of any rules around alcohol in the Bachie mansion, it was revealed earlier this year that sister show Bachelor in Paradise enforced a limit of two drinks every hour per contestant.
The Daily Telegraph reported producers on the Chanel 10 dating show implemented the drinking rules to ensure contestants didn't get too tipsy during filming.
The former Bachelor and Bachelorette stars on the set in Fiji were allowed just two drinks per hour, only after midday and only if they'd eaten breakfast. Single shots were not allowed and had to be served with a mixer.
Whether producers on The Bachelor have been a little less strict around alcohol consumption is unknown, but we're hoping Shannon's emotional speech was simply fuelled by a very long and tiring few months on set, which would exacerbate anyone's emotions.
Opening up to Now to Love, she said: "This whole experience becomes your world, your reality... I think I got a bit lost in transition."