The Bachelor Australia

Australia reacts to Cat, Romy and Alisha's exit on Bachelor 2018

Is this The Bachelor Australia’s most exciting episode yet?

By NW team
In episode eight of The Bachelor we saw four girls go home and Australia went into meltdown as they saw the end of the tripod otherwise known as the 'mean girls'.
The first of the mean girls to be sent home was Cat, after Nick decided she was no good for the 'vibe' in the household.
"This is house full of love," Nick told the fashion designer. "And it's time you went home," he added.
And Australia couldn't get enough and applauded Nick for his actions.
'SURELY this cements Nick as the best Bachelor. He's kicking them out specially because they are MEAN. Not some BS rose ceremony. Actually because they're HORRIBLE,' wrote one Twitter user.
'I think I just fell in love with Nick,' wrote another.
Others were just so happy to see Cat go saying 'Bye Felicia' and 'Bye Bitchelor'.
Then there were rounds of applauses, with several GIFS uploaded to illustrate the moment.
And in the rose ceremony Romy, Alisha and Brittany were left standing and the whole of Australia hoped Nick would give the final rose to the new Brittany. But no, in a shock twist it was Romy he offered it to.
And the nation was up in arms.
'Romy? Are you forking kidding??' wrote another bemused viewer.
But, retribution was in sight when in a final twist to the tale Romy decides she doesn't want to be in the house anymore.
"I dunno if I can be here anymore," Romy laments. "Well, I don't want you to be here, if you don't want to be here," says Nick secretly joyful.
And Australia could not rejoice more.
"Best move yet Nick! You knew Romy would reject that rose 🌹 clever ... there is always karma for bullies,' declared one happy viewer.
Phew what an episode!

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