The Bachelor Australia

Bachelor Australia EXCLUSIVE: The ultimatum Emily gave to Nick

''He needs to let me go''

By Anita Lyons
Emily Dibden, the sweet dance teacher from Canberra, is the latest evictee from The Bachelor's heart.
But the 24-year-old must have shown something special to make it all the way to the top 6.
Some would be forgiven for wondering how Emily made it this far, only because we barely saw her - but she insists there was a definite connection.

"I promise you I was there, "she laughed in a chat with Now to Love. "Even I was only going on the group dates; I still had some great time with Nick, especially at the cocktail parties."
"I taught him to do salsa and it was a lot of fun. We had time to build a connection so I guess that's why I was still there."
By the time Nick and Emily had some one-on-one time, Emily felt she wasn't really sure where she stood, that was until they had spent some alone time after the group pool date.
"I'd actually given him an ultimatum," she revealed. "By that point, I said to him, "Look Nick, you've got to let me know if I'm not the one, then that's OK, but you've got to let me go."
Emily Dibden on the set of The Bachelor from tonight's episode.
"It was a really hard situation that long time and being so confused if you're not getting that one on one time and there's a lot of ups and downs. I'm only there for him, so if I'm not the one, then he needs to let me go."
Nick assured Emily he wanted to get to know her so she was able to stay on for the hilarious single date at the ballet.
So if Emily is not the one for Nick, then who is?
Unfortunately, Emily has "no idea".

"It's so confusing," she said. "I have no idea. Any of those girls are so deserving, it could go either way. I hope he makes the right decision for himself and I wish him all the best."
How gorgeous is Emily?