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Exclusive: Emily Dibden would "love" to star on Bachelor In Paradise

'Putting yourself out there and putting your heart on the line can be a bit tricky!'

By Tina Burke
Emily Dibden's search for love on The Bachelor Australia came to an end tonight, when she was sent home by Nick Cummins just before the hometown visits.
The 24-year-old dance teacher was late to the party, only just having scored her first single date with Nick after months in the mansion.
Nick's connections with some of the other women in the house had progressed incredibly far before he chose to give our gal Em' the time of day.
"I was really into him, but obviously it wasn't meant to be unfortunately," Emily tells TV WEEK.
"I was pretty late coming in to the game in terms of making a connection," she says.
"He had been able to get to know the other girls long before I even had my date. I think maybe it just wasn't in his capacity to let me in at that later stage. I can understand it would have been overwhelming for him."
Emily and Nick had a strong connection, but it just wasn't enough.
Emily admits it was dissapointing, but not unexpected, that she was sent packing in tonight's episode.
"I held hopes that I would make it to Hometown," she says. "If he wanted to get to know me more, getting to know my family and where I'm from – love Canberra – that would have been a great way to do it. But I wasn't blindsided when I didn't make it, I was aware by that point he had stronger connections with the other girls."
Though she was beloved by viewers, her romance with the Badgelor was never allowed to fully bloom. But will she continue her search for love, perhaps on another branch of The Bachelor franchise?
"Putting yourself out there and putting your heart on the line can be a bit tricky," she admits, adding, "But I'm still single!"
"I applied for the show because I wanted to find a lovely guy, and I thought if it wasn't with The Bachelor then it would hopefully open some new doors for me to meet more people and, hopefully, meet the right guy. If that's on Bachelor In Paradise, if I get that opportunity, I would absolutely love to do it.
"I think it would be a great opportunity and would hopefully get me one step closer to finding that perfect dude. It will happen!"
Emily would make a great Bachelor In Paradise cast member.
Here's hoping we see the lovely Emily on our screens again soon!
The Bachelor Australia airs Wednesday and Thursday, 7:30pm, on Network Ten.

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