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Bachelor fans throw their support behind Rachael after her crew member "romance" sent her home

We back you, Rachael!

By Alex Lilly
In the real world, giving your phone number to a guy isn't that big a deal. But in Bachelor world, it's a recipe for drama.
On Wednesday night's episode, 23 year-old Rachael Arahill was kicked out of the mansion after she flirted with a crew member and called him her "Plan B", seeing as she and Matt weren't exactly hitting it off.
And contrary to what you may think, fans of the show are rallying behind her and supporting her decision.
Bachie fans took to social media after the episode pointing out the hypocrisy of Rachael seeing who else is out there, all while Matt is dating numerous women simultaneously.
To be fair, Matt even admitted that not every single girl in the mansion would be into him.
And while insiders claim that producers made Rachael fake the entire forbidden romance plotline, many applauded Racheal for confidence and refusal to sit around.
Meanwhile, Rachael's parting words as she left the mansion also had people in stitches, as it was very reminiscent of the previous dog c--- saga of two weeks before.
"F--- you dogs" IS THE MOST ICONIC EXIT LINE I HAVE EVER SEEN ON THIS SHOW 😂 #TheBachelorAU," comedian and writer Rosie Waterland shared on Twitter.
"F--- you dogs" 😂😂😂 best exit speech #TheBachelorAU," remarked another.
Even Channel Ten weighed in on the action tweeting, "Rachael's last words on #TheBachelorAU: "You f**ken dogs". Sensing a theme to this season..."
With her blunt attitude and refusal to pander to a man, Rachael said she could be this season's Keira Maguire, who became an unlikely feminist icon following her stint on Richie Strahan's season in 2016.
"I definitely have a lot to say, that's for sure," she revealed to the Daily Telegraph.
"I will bring brutal honesty, an attitude where I don't really care that much and I will bring a laugh."
WATCH: Rachael arrives at the Bachelor mansion in a wedding dress. Post continues after video...
If her actions weren't talked about enough, some viewers were entranced by the beads she sported in her hair.
Rachael herself loved her accessories, sharing a snap on her Instagram stories with the caption, "My favourite look. Thank you to the beautiful hair and makeup and wardrobe teams xxx," and some fans agreed with her.
"I want you all to attach this to my fringe at my funeral," one fan tweeted alongside some images of her hairpiece.
Rachael's unusual hair piece caught some viewers' eyes. (Image: Instagram @rachaelarahill)

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