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EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelor's Brittany Hockley reveals shocking relationship past

''My ex lived a double life''

By OK! team
Ever wondered why the beautiful Brittany Hockley from The Bachelor has been single for seven years? Well, the reason is about to shock you!
In an exclusive interview with OK!, Britt revealed a very surprising detail about a past relationship.
"Yeah, I was in a relationship with a guy, but he was seeing someone else basically from day dot, and was just setting up an identical life with her," she revealed.
"They were going to call their kids the same names, made us wear the same perfumes." Umm...what?
Britt Hockley had a relationship with a guy who was leading a double life!
As you can imagine, the experience left Britt emotionally scarred and it was her sister and their friends who convinced her to apply.
"Three years ago I left for a round the world trip, my sister and I bought a one way ticket to Brazil and we came back just under three years later," she said. "I always told them that if I came back from that trip single and 30, I would apply. And of course there was no part of me that thought I would actually be single at 30 after my trip. But my mindset was that I have nothing to lose so why not."
The radiographer also admits to dating a lot of "different" people and is on the hunt for "the one".
"All colours, races, religions, languages, nationalities, occupations you name it!" she said. "I have really broadened my search and nothing stuck so yeah I had nothing to lose."

So what did Brittany think when she first met Nick?
"I had no idea who Nick was. I had been overseas for three years and didn't follow Australian rugby. So I didn't know, had no clue."
"I think he is great," she said. "He has got a really good energy and that is the most important thing. He and I laugh non-stop all the time which I think is one of the most significant things in a relationship."
Brittany definitely has one of the stronger connections of the girls, particularly when she and Nick realised they shared the same age, birth place and large families.
"I just feel like we connect on a lot of levels."
While it's been widely reported that Brittany is the firm favourite to win the Badgelor's heart, there is also rumour that whoever he chooses, has already split with him.
In an interview that has resurfaced by Men's Health from before the show began, the 30-year-old former rugby player didn't seem too interested in the girls he was presented with.
"Mate, I wouldn't put my money on 99 percent of those girls," Nick said.
When asked to create his perfect woman, he was shockingly candid about the women on the show.
"I'd create her myself. It wouldn't be one of the ones on the show, that's for sure! Did you mean on the show? I mean… it… it wouldn't be anyone that I've already met… If it was me on the first episode last night, it wouldn't have been one of them."
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